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Android, The Web, Technology.
Android, The Web, Technology.

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I think I'll need to rob a bank to afford a Pixel XL #madebygoogle

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To round up Google Allo:

No SMS integration
Cannot default Allo as SMS application
Messages received from Allo come from a random number asking to install Allo - Looks like spam?
Assistant - Often basic commands are misunderstood
No quick message support for Android Nougat
If installed on a second device, you lose all messages, conversations, everything.
No android wear support

This is just a short list.

#Allo #Android #Google #Google Allo

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This adds the a whole new concept to a "Glass Brick'
Rumor: Glass iPhone Coming In 2017-2018?

With Apple iPhone sales slumping and the company stock going down, Apple hopes an all glass iPhone will turn the tables for them.
#Apple   #iPhone   #glassiPhone   #technews   #technology  

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Have you tried this yet? Pretty awesome
#MayThe4thBeWithYou with Lightsaber Escape from Google

To celebrate Star Wars day, play this game in your chrome browser, Lightsaber Escape. In case you are not a fan of the franchise, or maybe you’re just casually interested in it, today is the 4th of May, which also means that it is Star Wars Day, or also known as “May the 4th be with you.”

#StarWarsDay   #MayThe4thBeWithYou   #StarWars   #LightsaberEscape   #GoogleChrome  

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Good Deal: Get the WileyFox Swift Smartphone on Amazon UK for just £99 Today!

Amazon is offering a £29 discount on the white version of the WileyFox Swift for today only. For a SIM free device of this quality, it is a pretty good deal.
#AmazonUK   #WileyFox   #Android   #dealalert   #deals  

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Reddit apps for Android and iOS officially launched

Reddit have launched their own application for the "front page of the Internet," and it's now available to download on Android & iOS.

#Reddit   #Android   #iOS   #Apps  
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