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Jamie Morton
Becoming a better version of myself
Becoming a better version of myself

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New Bike Fit!
In the past two years, my body has changed. Part of that is down to being over 30. Part of it is my change in sports--no more running and swimming! Part of it is that I don't teach yoga multiple times a week anymore, and my flexibility from the time when I ...

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Coping With the Flu
I was going to go to Williamsburg, Virginia, to race the William & Mary Tidewater Classic ( last year's race report here ) this weekend, but instead I decided to get the flu. Check out my stash. Anyone in Big Pharma want to sponsor me? I had the flu at the ...

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PSA: Always Check Before You Ride!
I did an easy-ish ride this morning to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather before the forecast afternoon thunderstorms hit. On the second half of my ride, I started to feel extra tired. I chalked it up to being hungry for lunch, but then I heard ...

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Race Report: Monster Cross
Oy. Where to begin? First off, this race report isn't getting out until Thursday (4 days) because I've had trouble concentrating. I fell and hit my head pretty hard . . . and I didn't think I got a concussion, because it didn't feel like the concussions I'v...

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Jamie's Diet Food: Almond Flour Pancakes
I've made protein/paleo pancakes before (back in the years when I was eating mostly paleo ). They didn't come out well. They were basically a scoop of protein powder and an egg. That's a protein powder omelette. They tasted of chocolate and chalk (chalk-a-l...

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Kit Review: Shebeest Petunia Bibs and Divine Jersey
My kit collection has gotten sad over the past couple of years. There are multiple pairs of bike shorts about which I've said, "I should really get rid of these." This year, I finally had to (because no one wants to see my bum in spin class or on team rides...

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Lesson Learned: Failure is Better than Success
I had a very rough ride on Sunday. It was the first time in a while I had been able to get out with a large group of my (female) teammates. The plan was to ride a very hilly 50 miles together in Potomac, Maryland. I was looking forward to riding with a grou...

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Race Report: BikenetiCX
Redemption! After two DNF's in a row, it was great to have a successful race! This was my first full race as a 3 (the first race that I actually finished as a 3, anyway), and I managed to land myself on the podium still. Great end to the season! I got a gre...

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Race Report (kind of): Capital Cross Classic
This will be a short one. We went to Canada for American Thanksgiving. I got terribly, terribly sick on the day we drove back and I've been sick ever since. I think I might have had the flu. I had a slight fever, my throat was sore, my joints and muscles ac...

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Race Report: Winchester AppleCX
The good news is that I was on the podium! Just three of us because Sarah and I dawdled for too long in the nice, warm rec center. Casey was kind enough to step in to make it look a little less silly for this picture. Sorry to third and fifth place for not ...
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