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Author, Dad, Husband, World Traveller, Data Miner, Entrepreneur, Raptors Fan, Blue Jays Fan
Author, Dad, Husband, World Traveller, Data Miner, Entrepreneur, Raptors Fan, Blue Jays Fan


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Accountability Week of July 20th 
(the week before the week before a vacation--the one where I wrote my Engine World short last year)

Last week:
- wrote every day
- still waiting for the next steps with the potential job thing

This week:
- write every day (and more, too, since every aspect of the NBA draft/free agency/summer league is now done and things shut down until October...)
- hopefully hear more and get things settled for what is coming next

Accountability Week of July 13

Last week:
- finished consulting project
- wrote new words every day to keep the streak going
- gave the beta feedback
- might be moving toward a new job

This week:
- meeting about the job (done)
- write more every day, especially if said job might start soonish

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Accountability Week of July 6th

Last week:
- caught up on typing in the previous week's handwriting, and wrote new words every day, ramping up to almost decent numbers Friday/Saturday, and wrote every day (41 days and counting, I think...)
- had lots of fun family time
- instead of talking about Canadian authors, had Andy Weir on +TBR Podcast

This week:
- lots more writing
- some consulting
- give some beta feedback

Accountability Week of June 29: Happy Canada Day (on Wednesday)!

Last week:
- lots more family stuff--this has become a de facto vacation
- hand-wrote 5/7 days including on a ferry boat, which was cool
- typed more than two weeks of handwriting into Scrivener over two days, which added even more fleshing-out words
- which means I've written new words every day since late May, with no intention of ever stopping.

This week:
- type in last week's handwriting today, and carry on from there
- ramp up the daily writing, because I want to set some new personal records in July. :)
- have a fun family Canada Day (and talking about Canadian writers on +TBR Podcast on Tuesday), but still sneak in some new writing

Accountability Week of June 22: Welcome to Summer!

Heading out to a beach this morning, then a Tall Ship lunch for Father's Day with my Dad and Mum, sisters and the boys. I'll do some hand-writing on the beach. :)

Last week:
- hand-wrote minimum 100 words/day, started finding the story a bit these past couple of days
- while helping my sons and wife recover from being sick
- finished the consulting project
- lots more boardgaming. :)

This week:
- lots more family stuff--this has become a de facto vacation
- hand-write today
- type this couple of weeks of literal manuscript into Scrivener
- daily writing, ramping up from 100 words a day (July is going to see a LOT of writing)
- do a bit of editing before engaging the first beta for III (thought of some things while it sat)

Accountability Week of June 15:

Last week:
- got better, and helped my son through the same virus (ongoing)
- wrote new words every day. Starting with a ridiculously small target: 100 words/day, has been awesome and freeing.
- did lots more consulting 
- more boardgaming, including a mini convention :)
- pestered the beta I need to read the novella to keep reading the first two books first

This week:
- write minimum 100 words/day, which will ramp up a lot once
- finish the consulting project (maybe even today)
- engage betas for book III
- more boardgaming. :)

Accountability Week of June 8:

The lying in bed with stomach flu version. :(

Last week:
- finished the revision round of Book III, so should pass it on to betas
- connected with the final beta for the novella, to get her scheduled
- planning and writing daily for book IV began, don't have the word count handy
- ramped up the consulting project due in 2 weeks
- bought and played birthday boardgames. Should blog about this regularly.

This week:
- get better
- keep writing daily, notebook is by my bed so I can do some today
- lots more consulting
- engage betas for book III
- more boardgaming :)

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To all the Dads: join the 1 in 8. It's a blast.
And go to the library with your kids to find good books for BOTH of you.
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Accountability Week of June 1st

Last week:
- alpha reader finished book III, and I reviewed and implemented her notes and suggestions, 
- came up with a new title for the book
- and created a list of a few more of my own
- painted part of the cover for my novella
- finished an editing round of the novella, but still have some left
- wrote a few short myths for different peoples in my Arts Reborn world, and some other writing exercises, as well as the new bits that came up through editing
- had a really good Mastermind with the gang
- ran through the open loops/character wants and needs of all the characters going into book IV

Didn't yet:
- maybe do a city map too
- read out loud for the novella, deferred until after a specific beta reads it for consulting on singing/song lyrics. :)

This week:
- start book IV and build a new writing flow
- finish addressing my own little edit points for book III
- and the novella
- get into the flow of the consulting work I have to get done
if I need a diversion:
- more painting/cover design
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