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Jamie Magee
Husband, Dad, Kayaker, Walker and Teacher.
Husband, Dad, Kayaker, Walker and Teacher.

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So anyone found a good fitting screen protector for this phone?
Recommendations would be great, with pictures would be even better.
I liked the glass protector on my oneplus one but the one I ordered for the 3 looks terrible!

Anyone else having problems with shipping in the UK?
Ordered mine on the 16th. Shipping was given as the 19th then changed to 24th.
Still not shipped and no one can give me a date.. Am I alone or one of many?

After updating to COS13 widgets aren't updating. Any suggestions?

So I've a free rental on Google play but apparently I've redeemed my personal allowance and can't redeem anymore on my account. Anyone else found this?

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Coniston paddle May '15
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Runcorn Canoe Marathon 19/04/2015
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I've got a few invites available. Message me on hangouts and please only serious people. Had one idiot claim one and not use it last time.

I've a water proof case for me OPO which I use when kayaking. Problem is it blurs the camera. Has anyone got any recommendations? With links preferably please. Thanks

Free £5 credit per Chromecast device in the UK. As always just added to Google play balance.

Thanks +Google Play​

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What should we do with people who claim invites but don't use them. 
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Name and shame
Ignore them
Remove them from the community
Something unspeakable
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