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Jamie K (Rockets2Writing)
Come on this isnt rocket science... oh wait, maybe it is!
Come on this isnt rocket science... oh wait, maybe it is!

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The Dark Knight poster conspiracy going around Tumblr today

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Have you seen this site? This sort of impromptu gathering of like-minded individuals is what makes the internet so powerful, even if it's just a website where people doodle on Netflix envelopes.

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Interesting Google went with the 5k limit too!
Here's some clarity on Google+ limits on following:

* Tens of thousands of people can follow you, and put you in their Social Circles.
* You are limited to 5,000 people that you can place in your Social Circles.

So the number who can follow you is like Twitter, and the number YOU can follow is like Facebook.

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Make G+ available web-wide in Chrome with this sweet extention. You can view notifications and respond without ever opening a + tab.

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Handy way to cross post from G+ to Facebook, if you don't feel like doing it twice - and without an extension!

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Seems Google have started shutting down non-personal G+ profiles until business profiles are officially introduced. Our days may be numbered! You can always follow us on or

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some interesting fun things i noticed about the chat feature in google+

1.) Messages from gchat window in the gmail window show up in google+ chat but messages put in google+ chat dont show up in the gchat on the gmail page

2.) Messages typed on gchat on my phone dont show up in gchat in gmail but do show up on chat in google+

Curiouser and Curiouser.... how deep does this rabbit hole go!
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