No matter how many times I tell people not to use BearShare, I always receive the same amount of "Can you fix my computer?" messages. Come on people. If you really have to pirate something, use torrents and a really good (and completely up to date) anti-virus / anti-malware suite.

Not that I condone any such activities, mind.
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Wow I haven't used BearShare since I had dial up and it took all night to download 3 songs, do people really still use it?
You would be amazed by the sheer amount of "can you just take a look at my computer/laptop?" requests I get that are related to BearShare.

For some reason, round these parts (small town in the North of England) it seems to be going through a sort of renaissance. But without the amazing paintings, poems or even any brains.
BearShare still exists? Really?

Wait, are these internet hipsters? Do they think using BearShare is totally ironic?
These are people who are wholey un-educated in ANYTHING related to IT.
"Jamie, I bought a laptop. Now what do I do?"
What do you want to do?
"I don't know. That's why I'm asking you"


"I have a wifi router," How many computers do you have?
"One, and it's a laptop. Can it be connected to the wifi router?" Why do you have a wifi router if you have only one computer? Do you have access to the Internet?
"Do I need that as well? I thought that you got Internet access with the router. How much will that cost?"
It forever mystifies me that people like that are living in 2011.
Me too. I mean, we all have to learn sometime, and I begrudge no one who has never had access to the technologies that we have.

At the very least, try and find out about this kind of stuff before you use it. I mean, even asking someone would do. If they laugh you off, then they either don't know themselves, or are probably a dick. In either case, set Will Wheaton on them.
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