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Hello all! I know you haven't heard from me for a while but I’ve been busy at work. Remember that commitment I made to devote this time during Paul’s deployment to my health and wellness? Well guess what?! WE ARE HALF WAY THERE!!!! That’s right, he returns to us in nine weeks.

Remember when I told you it was temping for me to curl up with a box of tissues, some comfy foods and a bottle of wine? I want to let you know that I stayed strong, took care of myself and completed 12 weeks of a focused body transformation! I’m not going to sugar coat it, there were many days I didn’t feel motivated and actually felt physically broken. I cried the day my physical therapists told me I needed to stop my leg workouts but I made several adjustments and did the best I could.

My challenges:
• Momming 101 - Sick nights/fevers, fussy days, doctors appointments, meal times, diaper changes ( lots of diaper changes) bath time etc.......ALONE

• Working around schedules...mine, Felicity’s and the gym’s daycare

• Physical therapy 3X a week, going on four months. Complications from pregnancy/birth caused hip and pelvic injury resulting in restrictions to leg and cardio workouts :(

• Eating every three hours and providing meals for baby too. Being sole meal prep person - very challenging!

• Missing Paul and Felicity’s time with her Dad - tempted to emotionally eat/drink

What worked:
• Resistance training, resistance training, resistance training! 3 days/week

• Cardio one to two days a week at moderate intensity(restrictions) for 20-30 minutes

• Metabolically precise eating- five meals/day

• Finding a balance and allowing for mindfulness/restoration as needed (rest, prayer, etc.)

SO why do I share? To encourage you so you know that YOU CAN DO IT no matter the circumstances. The daycare staff often comment on how quick my workouts are, 30 minutes per day = winning. I’m taking one week off to rest my body then I’ll be back on another 12 weeks until Paul returns. I would love for you too join me in 2017, my trainer is pretty incredible...wink, wink! If you’ve been thinking of changing your lifestyle, your health and wellbeing than this is your year! At this time next year, I hope you can reflect back on your accomplishments and be proud of the changes made because your health is vital to a happy, fulfilled life!
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Looks like a fun day trip.

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quickly shorten URL from chrome without leaving page.

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Thank you #LG360 

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NYC with an old city feel. 

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Nice surprise to find on my #LG360 taken by +Igor M and starring +Joshua Ellis +Maksim Petriv and not on G+. 

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Check out 34th Street station in #360degree 
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