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Corrupted Graphics (concept art)
A couple of posts back I featured some concept artwork of the demo corrupted city (go on, have a nosey if you really want to). These graphics were created for the those scenes - supposedly (made up) corporate logos/signs that have been digitally corrupted, ...

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Some old Machine/Terminal/Manufacturing sketches
I'm still finding some dusty old sketches as I sort through stuff on my computer. Here are some quick concepts for a selection of industrial/mechanical wotsits.

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The Invasion of the Corrupted City (concept art)
...When the invasion finally happened, the city was completely unprepared, despite warning signs over the previous days. And as predicted, the virus creatures easily penetrated the barricades and headed straight for the nearest power sources, completely dra...

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Demo Virtual Environments 02 - Concept Art
Following on from my previous post, here's a subsequent iteration of the Demo Environment exploration, but this time it had moved more towards a 'corrupted world' of fragmented, unfinished simulations of buildings and structures. The general concept was bas...

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Demo Virtual Environment - Concept Art
A few early rough concept ideas for a 'test' environment that players could use to hone their skills and experiment with traversing various types of terrain. I played around with a few different aesthetic ideas using the same rough layout - the scenes were ...

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Electro-Shock Barrier System (concept art)
...After the city was over-run, the authorities felt they had no choice but to introduce limited access to the general populace. The Shock Barrier System (SBS) was felt to be a suitable balance of limited intrusion and effective deterrent. When inactive, th...

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New Website Design
I finally got around to updating my creaky old website with one that's a bit simpler and easier to navigate:  . I'll be adding an additional '2D' page to it soon, with all of my concept artwork - I just need to lay it all out fir...

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The Old Bridge Checkpoint
Another one I've dug out from the archives: ...The old bridge crossing had originally been established to prevent access from the city confines out into the wastelands beyond the river border. It was meant for the population's own good; no-one knew the dang...

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3D Stylus Pen Concepts
A while ago I did some quick concepts for a client to visualise an innovative new type of Stylus they were intending to bring to market, including a proposal for the packaging the product would be presented in.

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D/S Integrated Sidearm (Phase-2 Variant)
Side profile concept of the sidearm in it's 'ARK Police' matte grey livery. Early concept sketches exploring a variety of silhouette and detail options. The Phase-2 variant of the D/S 'Particle System' Integrated Sidearm proved to be a huge success in the P...
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