iCloud Drive for Windows:

I've been trying to work out why my girlfriend's laptop (Intel i3 with 8GB of RAM) has been running so terribly for months now. The Windows 10 interface would be laggy and some programs would take an excessively long time to open. For example, the Office programs would take between 30 seconds and a minute to get past the initial splash screen and SMART Notebook would literally take several minutes before it opened to a useable state. I know the laptop isn't anything special in terms of specs but this seemed ridiculous!

I'd run hardware tests and all seemed fine on that front, so I tried doing a clean install of Windows 10 and only installed the small handful of programs that she needed for work, but alas the problems continued. (In retrospect I now realise what I should've done is installed each program one by one and tested things after each install - lesson learnt!)

Never for a second did I think that iCloud would be the cause of these headaches, however after uninstalling it on a whim yesterday everything is running much more smoothly. Office and SMART Notebook now open at acceptable speed and the Windows 10 interface seems to be less prone to random slowdowns and lag. Further testing is needed but the early signs are encouraging!

Putting that frustration aside for a moment I'd also mention that iCloud Drive was very unreliable and slow in terms of syncing. On several occasions we found that files saved to the iCloud folder on the laptop had failed to sync up to iCloud on the web.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has tried iCloud Drive for Windows and if they've had a better experience, as from my perspective it seems Apple haven't really put the effort in to make this service work well on Windows.

We've now moved her files over to Google Drive, so hopefully that will do a better job. I know from personal experience that none of these cloud sync services are perfect (we've had issues with both Google and OneDrive in the past) but iCloud Drive for Windows really has been very poor.
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