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My autocross drive from June 1, 2014. Houston Region SCCA Solo #5. Finished 4th in Novice class; first competitive event. I know I need to be more aggressive. Feedback welcomed.
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Something of a photo safari today as my wife Stacey and I drove to San Antonio for my dad's birthday celebration. The wildflowers are booming this year. These are along Texas 159 in the vicinity of LaGrange.
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Episode 70 of the Audiosyncracy podcast is available now! Great music on this one (about 36 minutes) from Zach Bruno, Kevin Keller, Doug Hammer, Omar Akram, Falling You and Darshan Ambient. 

To find the podcast, check out your favorite source for podcasts (If Audiosyncracy is listed, please let me know) or the iTunes Store for the podcast. There's no charge and you can typically find my podcast in the Podcast apps available on your mobile devices (if you need a feed link, let me know and I'm happy to provide it).
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So is it typical to have an SD card imaged for #raspberrypi go bad after a while? I've gotten kernel panics and other wonky behavior twice now. If like to think this is atypical....

G+, I would appreciate you not resetting my iPhone every time I tap on your icon. kthxbye
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Feel free to join the Audiosyncracy community here on G+ for weekly playlists and other interaction. 
I'm going to start posting my playlists of the radio show and podcast to this page, beginning in 2014. The playlists are also posted on my facebook page ( 

January 12, 2014

Passage - Paul Spaeth - Redemption
Elements - Terra Guitarra - Dragonfly
* Green Eyes - Phoenix Rising  - Mystic Places
Marfa Lights - Randy Granger - Strong Medicine
Misty Fjords - Michele McLaughlin - Waking the Muse

* On Wing and Wing - Andre Feriante - Novella - Ukelele Mosaique
Heart - Doug Hammer - Heart
* Without You - Kristin Amarie - Notes From A Journey
Mzansi - Wouter Kellerman - Mzansi

Journey of My Father - Eamonn Karran - Distant Sun
* Linhui - Yang Ying - Elixir
Blue Delta - Eric Tingstad - Badlands
Efflorescence - Falling You - Blush

* = debut (4)
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What tools exist to assist the enterprise management of Google Apps for Education? We're having a number of pain points with regard to user management, groups, contacts and listserves.

Thanks in advance...
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I'm a space nut, for those of you who might not know me well. This is awesome.
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I love this gif. It shows the orbit of J002E3, which was discovered to be the third stage rocket from Apollo 12's Saturn V rocket. Last seen leaving earth in 1969, it's expected to come back around in 2040.
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This is so very cool.
So, the batcave is in Texas. "When the bats come out to feed in the Hill Country, they show up on radar in almost perfect circles. This radar image was taken around 7:45 PM. Always cool to see!" via Texas Storm Chasers
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As a former speech teacher, I LOVE the Google commercial about glossophobia.
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