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Make things happen, no matter what!
Make things happen, no matter what!

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I'm looking forward to reading Smartcuts by +Shane Snow! Get "behind the scenes" details here:

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Get details here:

Selling a great social domain that I've had for years. I've got my hands full of intrapreneuring opportunities at Gallup in Washington, DC and won't be needing a domain like this for a while.

I bought it back in the day when FamilyLink (a Facebook app development company) was experimenting with social sites and apps with several dozen super talented people. Many have since gone on to do incredible things.

Our team included many budding entrepreneurs such as +Jason McGowan (i.TV), Alan Carroll (Hangtime), +Austin M. Craig  (lifeonbitcoin), +Jeffrey Harmon (OraBrush, VidAngel), +Kevin Kirkland (GroSocial), Cliff Shaw (Mocavo), +Jon Bradshaw (TinyTorch) as well as veteran rock stars such as +Cydni Tetro (NextPage, Disney), +Brad Pace (Partner Fusion), +Nathan Gwilliam (, and +Corey Olsen (Ryati) . 

Now that I've name-dropped, and notified all these great friends of this Google+ post, all of you who remember our time at FamilyLink together, would you please share this auction link with the domaineers and social entrepreneurs in your life that you care about most?


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Readers Like Stories About Problems That Include Solutions

For the Solutions Journalism Network, the study is a welcome confirmation. “It reinforces our worldview,” Hammonds says. Impact studies like these are important as they expand their network and persuade more news outlets to produce solutions journalism. To that end, it will be especially helpful to be able to say that solutions journalism might lead to more sharing on social media, as well as to greater loyalty.

Just in case you're ready to fire up a rant about how [insert company] is ruining [insert industry/vertical], think about whether that's really what you want to put out into the world.

#content   #marketing  

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Hey All, A team I assembled was recently downsized and these guys will be off the market quickly. Let me know if you'd like to talk w/ any of them! The Director of Front-end Tech is moving to the Seattle area and would love freelance or job opps there; the Biz Dev Director and Creative Directors are sticking around the Tampa, FL area. Check out their high level here in my blog post and let me know if you'd like an intro to any of them:

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We're moving back to Idaho in February! 

I resigned from my Corporate-startup career a little over one week ago; my final day will be January 31, 2014.

I didn't feel like it was a good fit for me after giving it a solid year, but I love the people and actually enjoyed the industry I was playing in. I'm hoping the crew calls me for help any time. I'd be happy to do what I can for them from Idaho.

We have no clue what the next "full-time" chapter will be like, but I'm leaning heavily towards taking on (buying, maybe?) an existing business and doing the Entrepreneur thing again; after all, I was only out of that game for a little over a year. I'll lay low for a month or two in between while I float a lot of ideas by my wife and we find the right direction for long I can work permanently out of East Idaho! 

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