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(there'll be a website eventually, this is just the raw mp3)
Sounds great (minus a bit of coughing). Will there be a video version?
Thanks man, the coughing is the residue of my hangover from last night. Today was supposed to be a test and we ended up shooting for episode one on the fly.. :)

As for sound quality, Stefan and I have both invested in Yeti mics - glad they have the desired effect.
Was wondering about the mic. I bought a Samson Go Mic as a compact/travel microphone, although I haven't found a good use for it yet. Now I've done my first proper YouTube video (and it was fairly painless) I need to make an effort and record more.
Does Libsyn allow commenting on posts? Would be nice to have a discussion about each episode.
Well, I'd certainly have a comment about NFC (although haven't listened to that part of the episode yet).
I don't listen to podcasts anymore, but I will absolutely make time to listen to this. Brilliant.
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