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When they tell the marketing team "You can spend $1 for every person using Allo on advertising"

So the trend lately with web design seems to be one long page with sections. What do you guys think about that design with regards to SEO and even PPC? Do you think it helps to have pages with relevant titles in your sitemap rather than just one long page with anchor links?

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Best hands on video I've seen so far. Wish I could buy one

I hope Apple enjoyed having the best smartphones on the market for those two weeks

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Hmm so now when I do a Google search, I not only have to scroll past the ads I also now have to scroll past the subscription news sites.

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This'll be fun
We are really excited for this week, and it feels like the perfect time to start a new part of Chrome Unboxed!

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Google fans be like...

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Hey guys, I know there are a lot of great ways out there to be made aware of new Chromebook models, but I just wanted to put this out there:

If you subscribe to this list, you'll receive an email every time a new Chromebook model becomes available to purchase.

There will be a link to the landing page, a link to amazon (if it's available on amazon, of course) probably links to Best Buy/Wal Mart/Costco if it's available at those places, and a list of specs/features.

This won't get spammy, I can promise that because I'm the one who manages the list =] There won't be many other emails, really. Just new Chromebook models, and maybe if there's some kind of really great Chromebook related promotion or something going on like a great deal on Woot or something. I estimate probably one email a month or less.

This isn't a way to get regular news, for that I would obviously recommend subscribing to +Chrome Story and +Chrome Unboxed they pretty much got the market cornered on Chrome related news. This is specifically for new Chromebook models becoming available for purchase.


Does anybody have a recommendation for a plugin that would allow me to display multiple user profiles the same way you display posts? I would like to basically treat profiles like posts. A visitor could select a "category" from a drop down, and the site would display all user profiles matching that "category".

I'm thinking a plugin called Conductor might do it but honestly, I've bought enough plugins lately I was hoping there would be a free one out there.

Creating a theme, and I created a front-page.php file, and set a Static Front Page in settings, but it's not defaulting to front-page.php like I'm pretty sure it's supposed to. It's still using page.php to display my home page.

Am I just missing something simple here?
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