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Things that I have enjoyed lately:
* The Avengers. It's good. You probably already know this.
* Saga: A new BKV comic (2 issues in). Genre-wise I'm not quite certain where to put it -- a space opera setting with fantasy decorations, perhaps. Anyway, great so far.
* The current Defenders run: Still pretty fun.

Things I have not enjoyed:
* My broadband at home is still out. This is very annoying.
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I'm waiting for the trades with Saga. I like Vaughan a lot, though.
Tradewaiting is reasonable. I happened to hear about it early enough to get it on my pull list (and apparently issue 1 is becoming pretty hard to find). I actually didn't care much for Y or Ex Machina (for different reasons), but I liked Runaways and some of his other work.
yes, very glad BKV came back to the comic book ghetto. I'm sure Hollywood has been throwing her proverbial panties at him to get him back.
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