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Regex, or it didn't happen.

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ICYMI: +Google recently announced their $3.2 billion acquisition of everyone's favorite home automation company Nest. 

Even though Google's reasons for the purchase are probably numerous, $3.2 billion in cash is quite the investment in the Internet of Things and home automation. 

We previously mentioned +Nest in our primer on the #IoT . 

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Was RFID tracking really the problem at the New York Comic Con a few weeks ago, or was the problem elsewhere? #RFID   #nycc2013  

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This auto-gif Google made of my cat is scary. 
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Pictures from my trip to Chicago.
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A good read for #ecommerce  accounting depts.

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I guess it's only fitting if I share this here. 

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I was curious about the differences between #RFID and #NFC, so I wrote a blog post about it. Turns out, they're kind of the same thing. 
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