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I am enjoying all of +Richard Masoner's photos from today's stage of the Tour of California. Good stuff at the +Amgen Tour of California MEDIA page that he set up too.
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Thanks James.

I saw 100% adoption by the pro peloton for electronic shifting, at least for today's stage (mountains, then sprint finish). Any thoughts on that?
You can shift the shit out of it (my technical term) and it doesn't fail. So no dropped chains or skips. I raced on a Di2-equipped Felt at CrossVegas and tried to break it. I could not and was seriously impressed.
So not a single SRAM rig in the bunch? We know there are plenty in the Giro and all the Spring Classics were lousy with Red.
I was told Rory Sutherland is running 2012 Red, but I didn't see him check in this morning.

Omega Pharma Quickstep are also supposed to use SRAM, but the start line was getting chaotic by the time they checked in so I didn't get a close look at them.
I'm with Byron. I had only ridden Di2 on the trainers at Interbike previously, but I rode an Ultegra Di2 equipped bike recently and the shifting was amazing (even without the custom made DA servos). I don't see any downside for racing, so I am not surprised that all the pro teams were using it.
+Richard Masoner if you can confirm this, we'll run it too or link back to you and +Mark V will be fascinated by it....I'd heard that teams were frustrated by SRAM's durability and reliability. So if you've got sponsored teams running non-sponsored kit that's like a near war font headline.
What about Peter Sagan and Liquigas-Cannondale? They are on the new Red, right?
Well, I didn't get a real close look at Omega Pharma, so don't quote me on that. If I happen to make another start (not planned) I'll look specifically for them.
I did see Red on one Cannondale bike (don't remember who -- not Sagan).
When a Pro asks you to not shoot their bike, cause they're running non-sponsored kit, you have a decision to make....just sayin'
Looking through my photos now from this morning, and I see Red on Sagan's bike. Weird how my memory works.
+Richard Masoner that starting line photo you did was all Di2...that's how and what you remembered. Make sense to me and go see what the non-sponsored teams are running.
...and now watching the Tour Tracker and seeing Red all over the place.
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