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Is LinkedIn really the best place to ask Tech Support questions? Isn't the whole aim of LinkedIn to show that you're the boss and to get a new job. Also isn't there

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Arnie - GIS Evangelist
See, GIS isn't voodoo. Even Arnie gets it

GIS is Better than Google Earth!

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Will this be the most overplayed song tomorrow?

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Should be worth the trip to the big smoke and a Focus Group Meeting during the day...

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Hoping that the 4.3GB of ArcGIS 10.1 goodness downloads before the storm hits and we lose all connectivity.

I heart Spotify.

Love it when I get an email from a major organisation who are changing their name and it doesn't display correctly on you phone and you get to see what the marketing department has been up to.

"Attention getting. Benefits-driven.

Personalised name, now you can... write copy as if you were writing to a person. Lead with the most important information.
Let person know why they are receiving this and what you are offering them.

Call to action number one as a link

Person may need more information before agreeing to click.
Provide those details here. Can use bullets, too.

• Always keep your bullets to one line max if you can.
• Highlight only the most important points
• Three bullets max is a good guideline

Close out with a sense of urgency. Act, discover, do.
Include phone number, deadline, if appropriate.

Main call out.
Reinforce primary
message, key benefits,
special offer."

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