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Way too many people are playing "Monday Morning Quarterback" with the Moore tornado in Oklahoma. Unless you live there and understand the people and culture, stop it. You don't really have the knowledge to make a judgment.  This includes TV talking heads from New York and Los Angeles.

This was a rare, most likely EF-5 tornado. Survivable in some cases, yes, but for even for those that did the right thing, it was their day. Only 2 percent of tornadoes are in this category.

Warnings were excellent. We should be proud of the meteorologists, emergency managers, and first responders and their work. I am very thankful for these heroes.

Instead of judging,  we all need to help these people today. Here in my state, we know how they feel, and what they are going through.
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Sal G
Totally Absolutely. +James Spann. And thank You To You Also For Sharing to get the word out 
+Kathleen Watts did you see what the houses look like around the schools? A large number of those children would have been in those homes
People will always judge and condemn to get their names out there, or to just be contrary to popular opinion. 
Kudos to Tom Skilling and WGN in Chicago for putting Chuck Doswell on the air via phone during last night's newscast. The perspective of a true and respected expert was much appreciated after seeing the type of "expertise" the cable news channels were airing.
+Sara Dean Just heard the guy on NBC call it a hurricane also, guess we need to teach them the difference. 
Being from the area I can say warnings were excellent as what my friends told me since I live in Florida now. But in new castle the sirens were going off while the tornado was out of town and once it hit in limits they shut off. Power was still on in the area. Even though we should never rely on sirens to begin with it still has a little bit of help just like all the cell phone alerts do.
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