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Army: “Hooah!”
Navy: “Hooyah!”
Marine Corps: “Oorah!”
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Good times in KC this weekend!
Dark XM Kansas City

This is not my normal style of a sitrep. Normally I redact everything and just state a few facts. But I can’t do that, I can’t take away the greatness of what the Kansas City Resistance accomplished. I’m sorry in advance for how long this is going to be.

Our story started this past Monday afternoon. I received a hangout from one of the Vanguards asking about how our durable BAF had went over the weekend. A BAF that was designed to protect Kansas City from Dark XM (which obviously failed). He congratulated me on our teams success, but said of course this isn’t the real reason I contacted you. He proceeded to tell me we had been chosen and gave me the details. He also offered assistance in the form of intel/dispatch as well connecting us with a lead from the week prior for advice.

We gladly took him up on the offer and was connected to a great couple of agents. Immediately a channel was pulled together both of more active agents, agents that worked/lived close to the target and connected agents. We discussed strategy to both help get agents involved and the best way to farm keys. Since an agent normally throws fields from near the portal, we decided to move his anchor and add hack mods to it. This allowed several of us to farm it 3-4 times a day. As keys mounted next came the harder part.

This was our first truly high security operation locally. Instead of sharing all information to everyone we had to determine another way to test interest in helping. We’d mentioned attempting a fake/diversion link star the previous week. So sent out the call asking for assistance with it. Some agents were contacted directly but the ranks began to grow daily almost as fast as the keys.

The planning group with the assistance of our outside support began talking and drawing up linking zones to be assigned out to the teams as they were formed. As we approached the end of the week we began to see enlightened from several states surrounding the city begin to show up. We decided planning for the worst and stacking the target portal and focusing on certain zones over others.

On Friday all agents that had signed up to assist were pulled into a private channel and informed this was actually the real deal. Everyone was overly excited about being selected. We introduced the previous weeks lead and our IO to the group. Everyone was quickly brought up to speed on most of the details of what was going to happen on Saturday.

Friday evening consisted of a lot of background work. All the agents had to be manually added to the operation and assigned zones. Blockers we pushed out to each zone and updated overnight and through Saturday. Spreadsheets were created so that planners and intel could see who was supposed to be where and how many keys each agent needed to be given.

Saturday morning rolls around and the stress level is now pushed past ten for almost everyone involved. Some new enlightened blockers had came up north and east of our downtown. Plus between so many out of town enlightened here and a few agents that had some family issues come up we were nervous. Knowing our enlightened wouldn’t pay it any mind, I went out and cleared all the green and deployed on most of our downtown area. Go Time was coming…

Agents from all over the city descended on our meeting location mid afternoon. Some had drove almost two hours to come get involved. Keys were handed out to everyone, game plan explained, alerts updated and of course pictures were taken. Everyone parted ways and headed to their zones to get ready for the anchor team to inoculate it and the go ahead from dispatch.

At 4:14pm local time the anchor was flipped and fully deployed, ready for the barrage of links incoming. Within a couple of minutes we were already past 100 links. The number began jumping faster than I could imagine. Before we knew it we were past 300 links and still had a while to go before the measurement window opened. Still virtually no enlightened activity even though they were in the zones being used. The window opens and we are well past 400 links and throwing like crazy. Dispatch let us know the window had closed but we still had keys and wanted to keep going. Topping out near 700 links was beyond our wildest dreams. 50 links would get the researchers the information needed to study the Dark XM, but over 500 would be an even bigger help.

The enlightened didn’t show up until nearly ten minutes after the window had closed. And one against seven aren’t great odds. We battled and recharged until one of our local enlightened (Gamorg) decided to flip it and deprive his team of over 100,000 AP.

Afterwards a lot of agents joined back up at the starting location for drinks and celebrating our “Official” 506 links. When this process started I thought 200-300 would be a great goal. Once again I’m beyond impressed with the team in Kansas City. They came out and destroyed any expectations anyone could’ve had. I am proud to be a part of this team and they are what keeps me involved. Also a huge thanks to both our first weekend advisor and dispatcher. You both helped make this possible.

Sleepless nights: All of them
Enlightened AP gained: ZERO
Links lost due to enlightened: ZERO
Keys farmed: 743
Links scored: 506
Max links: 690
Agents involved: 32
Links per agent: 21.5

Linking teams:

Portal Defense:

Extra key farming:


#DarkXMCure #DarkXM #KcRes #BlueTeamBestTeam +Andrew Krug +Niantic Project +Ingress +Ethan Lepouttre
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We can now report Fuji TV is the official partner of the upcoming Ingress anime.

In addition, we’ve received intel suggesting Agents will have the opportunity to witness exclusive content from the anime and Ingress Prime at the Fukuoka XM Festival after party on Saturday, April 7th.

But the fun doesn’t end there; agents who participate in the XM Festival or any of the MAGNUS events will be awarded an in-game exclusive medal. Agents, it’s time to move.

Ingress Event Listings

Mission Day Registration

XM Festival (Shard Battle & Afterparty) Registration
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12Z model set for 93L. Flooding and rough surf the main threat along and well east of the circulation center
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Wut? Lol
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