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Content Marketer at Wishpond

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More than 475 marketing terms put into friendly definitions. This is why I need interns...

Check it out!

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Marketing automation is kind of like your phone.

You don’t need to know exactly how it does the magical things it does to know it’s amazing.

I know that when I press these 10 buttons in the right order pizza is delivered to my house in 20 minutes. I don't really need to know how the touchscreen works to know that's awesome.

That’s marketing automation: press these 10 buttons in the right order and leads and sales are delivered.

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2 years ago we had a couple hundred blog subscribers. As of this morning we have 18,124. This article breaks down the five main ways we built our list, and how you can do the same!

Check it out.

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The Wishpond Blog has improved our blog conversion rates by more than 1,000% in the past six weeks with content upgrades.

See how we did it here:

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Yesterday Google announced the release of Customer Match in the next couple weeks. I break down the new tool and compare it to Facebook Custom Audiences ('cause they're damn similar).

Check out Google Customer Match vs Facebook Custom Audience: What You Need to Know.

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For the past two weeks I've been neck-deep in academic journals, case studies, and words I barely remembered from Psych 101.

Today I published my Ultimate Guide to the Psychology of Conversion Optimization, and I'm extremely proud of it.

It's 12 chapters (don't worry, there's a table of contents) and it's totally free up on the Wishpond blog.

I'd love for you to check it out and let me know your thoughts.


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Super excited to break the news.

As of today, we've officially released our all new, totally free landing page builder.

It's mobile-optimized (and mobile editable), allowing you to create high-converting landing pages in minutes at no cost and with no coding experience.

And yes, I said FREE (and that comes with the lead's database and new marketing automation tool we're not talking about yet as well!). We're doing a pay-by-lead thing and your first 200 are totally free.

Check out the complete walkthrough in this article. I'd love to hear your feedback or questions.


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Lincoln Murphy is one of the leading thought-leaders on business growth. He charges $9 a minute for his time (we've actually done it, and got some fantastic insight).

A couple weeks ago he did an "Ask-me-Anything" Q&A on He answered more than 30 questions and went back and forth with entrepreneurs and marketers for 6 whole hours. Needless to say there was a huge amount of value.

So we took the 6 most critical questions and answers and broke them down into bite-size pieces (and added our own related strategies you can act on today).

This article covers:

* How to establish smart pricing for your product
* How to balance short-term marketing efforts with long-term strategies like content and SEO
* Whether or not you should be implementing a free trial, and why
* How content and customer support should work together
* And much more...

Ever thought about paying for a business consultation with a pro?

Now you don't have to.

Check it out.

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it's so easy to slip into the temptation of social media - thinking it's little more than a vehicle for your brand communication. Social platforms are basically megaphones for your business? Right?


In this guest post from Monique Craig, she breaks down the power of social media listening, and how crucial it is your brand to (sometimes) shut up and listen in.

Check it out and have a great weekend!

(Also, cute puppy). 

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There’s so much marketing content out there it can sometimes be tough to wade through it all. There's so many authors writing you don’t know who you can trust.

This is a list of the 101 online marketing experts who write on a regular basis. Because we’ve focused only on thought-leaders who are still writing, you may not see the most recognizable names.

What you will see is 101 online marketing thought-leaders and writers (organized into their area of expertise) alongside a recent published piece of content or directory of their work.

We’re open to adding writers to this list, provided they meet a few requirements. And it’s always possible we forgot some we know and love as well, so recommend or link your favorite marketing writer below!
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