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here's a plus one from someone watching it from Florida :)

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It seems TOTALLY legit... really.
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So, what do you think it really is, Jim?  A branch of a "pay day loan" office?  NSA sniffer for all credit and debit cards, RFIDs, cell phones with open access points?
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This service DOES NOT SUPPORT IPv6 To test servers use this link

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This should be awesome...
TinCan is a one-to-many messaging app that does not connect to the internet...

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Here are photos of the floats we worked on for the 2014 Rose Parade...

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A very cold start to the day, and a lot of work to be done... come and volunteer to help. 

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Xmas lights off College Blvd....

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Today's elbow photo, shows significant improvement to the hematoma.
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Whew.....(me fans noise), put that arm down. Sarcasm aside, glad your doing better.

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Post surgery hematoma...
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nope... that's post arthroscopic surgery to remove foreign bodies and debride the joint.
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Went to see Dr. Sanchez in early august, and the eye exam was thorough, comfortable, painless and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Sanchez and her staff to anyone who is looking for a Optometrist.
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