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+NIA Ops This so called "Observer" bug is killing me.  I can attack portals pretty consistently, but even L7 xmps act like LVL1, i can't pick anything up off the ground, i can only rarely deploy a resonator or mod.  It's been 2 days like this and it doesn't matter what device I use (Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 6, Nexus 7 2013) I have the issue on all of them, so we can safely determine the issue is server side.  I emailed support but the responses seemed to be cookie cutter have you tried this, this or this when my email already stated that I had.  

I do not cheat, have never done anything that can be construed as cheating, and so far as I know my account has not been suspended.  If it has, it would be news to me.  Not to mention shocking since I only use Ingress from the play or app store and do not try to manipulate GPS coordinates or use 3rd party software, etc.

Anyone else having these or similar bizarre symptoms?

Guess I need to tag this #observers   #observer  
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Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed?

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Took long enough but at least its finally happening. I firmly believe I should be in control of my device, not the manufacturer and especially not my friggin cell phone carrier. All I need them for is to provide the service not mess with my OS. That would be like Verizon saying "oh because your windows laptop has a verizon 4g card in it, you cannot have administrator rights and cannot uninstall anything we've crammed down your throat and told you to deal with it whether you want or like it or not." I understand it is a cell phone, but the principle is the same. anyway, before I rage on about the lack of motivation for carriers to provide updates and the fact that i dont trust whatever android programmers they have and what they are doing to my OS... I digress. 

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IF!!  It works....
Fleksy brings a keyboard to the Galaxy Gear, but why?

Fleksy is putting a keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Gear so you can take notes on the tiny screen instead of the gigantic Galaxy Note 3 it’s probably paired to.

By +Shawn Ingram 

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My rental car....  YEAH!!!
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