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James R. Newman

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I have just launched my first kickstarter project to fund publishing of a line of postcards featuring my dragon art.
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James R. Newman

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Oh, my goodness.  Infocom games on the Android.  I'm not sure if I feel enthusiastic, nostalgic, or old.
JFrotz is a Java implementation of Frotz version 2.43. JFrotz can be used t...
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This one hits close to home.
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James R. Newman

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As she says, after the Kickstarter hits $1400, postcards will be upgraded to 5 x 7.  
Less than $100 to go to my final stretch goal and still one week left.  This is really a great deal.  At the $20 level you get 12 postcards plus a print of one of the dragon sketches.  I am not currently offering prints of my sketches anywhere else and the postcards will not be available for such a low price once the kickstarter  is over.
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So far, a great illustration of the poem.  One warning:  Do not read if you are feeling perky and wish to continue feeling that way.
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Ah, fooey, the Kickstarter is ended, and has been for a while.
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Beverage advisory in full effect.
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JFrotz is a Java implementation of Frotz version 2.43. JFrotz can be used to play Z-Machine compatible interactive fiction games, e.g., the

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