Hey guys/girls!  i'm a 2+ year cord cutter.  I have a pretty bad ass HTPC set up ( windows 7)  and an extensive library on board.   I got a few new DVD's for Christmas that come with the Ultraviolet copy.   Never used Ultraviolet before so not sure if will allow me to download my copy to my HTPC library for offline viewing if needed.     I also got a roku for Christmas as well i'm wondering if I can get my ultraviolet content on the roku.   anyone had any experience with these two topics.   If it helps,  I've also played around with XBMC and PLEX.   Thanks for the tips. 
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hmmm  you may be right.  i'll have to look into it and see.   will let you know what I find.     Thanks. 
Thanks +John Sullivan good call.   you can link your vudu account with the ultraviolet account. you can also link to flixster which is a supported app on the Roku.   as it is right now I can go to flixter, vudu or ultraviolet ( web only) and watch my titles.     One of the movies i received also had a Digital copy code that I redeemed.  I was able to select between Itunes, Amazon instant video and another that I can't remember.   I choose to use Amazon since I have an extensive library there.   It also seems like I can download at least one copy of each ultraviolet title for offline viewing on my PC, Smartphone or tablet.   I think I may start embracing the ultraviolet service more.    thank you for the assistance. 
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