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                       The River Falls Wide | Crystal Mill, Co

     This is a n exceptional location for shooting in the fall in Colorado... It takes a 4 mile hike or some pretty rough off road to reach it but once you are there and if you are lucky enough to get good weather you can shoot something like this!! I am lucky enough to own a Jeep and am very familiar with off roading so getting to it was a piece of cake as they say... The only problem was that not having been there before was a bit confusing so instead of taking the 4 mile quick and easier route we took the 16 mile long and slow loop.....
     We finally Arrived having taken the longer, but funner way. It was worth it!! I used a Lee Big Stopper 10 stop filter to smear the water stacked with a polarizer to clean up the water and sky. I am very pleased with the outcome and I hope you enjoy it as well!!! As always, follow me on here to keep up with my latest work, I am also on Google+ & FB, James    

Image © James Pion / Driftwood Images

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