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James Petersen
Math tweetcher, educoder, nerducator, open-sorcerer.
Math tweetcher, educoder, nerducator, open-sorcerer.

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The addition of custom user attributes to User Gopher makes it possible to add non-native student information, such as grade level, homeroom teacher, assigned devices (for a 1:1 program), etc.

I'm keen to hear how folks are using this feature. Since it's flexible enough to support many different uses, I hope to hear lots of cool ideas!
The team at Amplified Labs is excited to announce that User Gopher now supports custom user attributes.

You can install and try the free version of User Gopher from here:

What are custom user attributes?

We all know that G Suite comes with standard directory fields, like "Employee ID" or "Cost Center," but custom user attributes allow administrators to extend this to include custom-defined fields.

With custom attributes, you can:

- Add even more data you want to record, like Student ID, and assign different data types to special these value fields, such as number, date, and email.
- Control whether you want the information to be public to all users in your organization, or private to administrators and the individual user.

User Gopher now makes it a snap to view and maintain these custom field values from Sheets. Learn more:
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Thanks to the contributions of Centipede user James Norton, Centipede for ChromeOS versions 58 and above now has a more reliable WiFi connection method. The code is now updated on Arduino Create, so you're ready to rock the new code as soon as you program your Centipede.

I'm happy to see this community so active - it helps us keep Centipede at its best!

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Centipede is growing up! We are incredibly proud of the impact our many-legged friend has had on the painful process of enrolling large numbers of Chromebooks. In fact, it is so popular that when Google released ChromeOS version 58, we immediately got to work building a new code base to accommodate the new enrollment process.

Centipede now has improved features, such as the ability to skip the Asset ID screen, or disable sending anonymous data to Google by default.

You can access the code for ChromeOS version 58 or higher by visiting

The Centipede page on the Amplified Labs site is now updated with the newest information.

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Heads up to everyone - there's a widespread issue with Apps Script's PropertiesService - a core service used by most add-ons - that's affecting a lot of tools. If you see an error "Data Storage Error" pop-up, it's related to this issue.

You can help prioritize a fix by starring the linked issue.

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I have an awesome table that's using a sheet shared with a group (who have accounts on various domains). The sheet is not public, so it does require sign-in. However, when a user sees the prompt to log in, the button has no action attached.

Heading over to and signing in fixes this. Is there something I need to do to allow the sign-in button to work? The site is private as well, shared with only the group members. Could it be CAJA removing a click handler or something?

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The Focus Trap
As an adult, it's easy to fall into a pattern.  We all do it. Wake up, brush teeth, get dressed, go to work, drink coffee, ... As a data nerd, I have an irrational craving for patterns Patterns are fine. They're comfortable. Reassuring. We know what to expe...
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Using +Amplified Labs Centipede to enroll ChromeBooks? Got a scary-looking message that CodeBender is shuttering in a couple weeks? Fear not! As always, +Amplified IT has you covered!
Announcement for Centipede users

We were surprised to learn that CodeBender — the cloud-based IDE we are currently using to distribute Centipede’s source code for easy installation — will be shutting its doors in the near future. In fact, Oct. 31 is the last day new registrations will be accepted. For existing accounts, uploading code will be disabled the following week on Nov. 7.

Alas, don’t worry, Centipede isn’t going away, even after CodeBender closes its doors. There are multiple alternative Arduino IDE’s that we are actively researching. Once we have identified the most straightforward and reliable option, we will publish our new documentation and source code repository.

You can sign up for announcements about Centipede here:

You can also read the longer version of this announcement at the link contained in the post.
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Last week, the research tool suddenly disappeared from Google #Doc and #Slides. This is viscerally upsetting to me (yes, I know, I'm a nerd). Today, I discovered that +Google for Education is asking for input about how the research tool was used.

Please take a minute to tell them how valuable it has been to your workflow.
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