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James Petersen
Educational Administrator and Generalist - graduate student - cellodad and friend of Jacky LaChienne
Educational Administrator and Generalist - graduate student - cellodad and friend of Jacky LaChienne


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Being Manta Bombed off the old Kailua Kona airport...
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More Mantas from last week

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My wife and son and I did a Manta Dive Saturday night off of Kailua-Kona, HI. I strongly recommend the experience for anyone who has the opportunity.

Having a ¼ ton 13 foot wide animal swim straight toward you and then pass 4 inches over your head is really humbling.

There are a number of good dive shops in the area. I think that Kona Diving Company is about the best. (The soup and brownies are great after the dive. They even wash your gear for you.)

#diving   #hawaii   #manta   #kona  

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Diving with my son Chris on Sunday after two weeks of almost hurricanes. YO 257 Honolulu, HI

+Keith Jarrett Just wanted to mention that it is so neat to be listening to your work on NPR Performance Today! (Friday, 8May15) Wishing you a very Happy 70th!

Text of a letter sent to the Honorable David Ige, Governor of Hawaii

Hawaii's IT Infrastructure is a 40 Year Old Train Wreck Waiting to hit the Broken Bridge

Dear Governor Ige:

I recall fondly, meeting you and your children while I was an Intern Vice-Principal at Pearl Ridge Elementary School. I was struck at the time by how involved you were with the school and your children's education despite your busy schedule.

I read with interest your recent comments about the State's IT initiatives. As a doctoral student in Learning Design and Technology and a former employee of both the City and County of Oahu and of the State, I could not disagree with you more.

When our current patchwork of IT infrastructures was new, I was in my 20s, riding a motorcycle, having a great time and typing on a Royal portable typewriter. Fast forward to 2015. There is not a State department that is even close to being in the current century with regards to IT practice. My own personal experience is with the Department of Education and what I saw there was appalling. School offices still maintain typewriters to fill out carbonless forms! 

I will provide a personal example of the inadequacy of the State's IT infrastructure that is not only personally frustrating but costs the taxpayers of the State money as well.

I retired on December 31, 2014. I submitted all of my forms in a timely manner and attended the required meetings. Upon retirement, I had something like 2 years of accumulated sick-leave that are supposed to be credited to retirement by the ERS. I have been informed that it will take about 10 months to calculate the retirement benefit that I am owed by the State. 10 months! But, I shouldn't worry they said. They will pay interest on the amount I am owed after six months. Let's pause and think about this for a moment.

In this century, with current personnel and payroll IT it should take about one payroll period to calculate and communicate with ERS.

This is my personal example but there are myriad others. I implore you to re-think your policies on modernizing the State's decrepit IT infrastructure. 

James Petersen 
Mililani, HI

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Interesting article about what is happening in Hawaii with regards to residential solar power production. (our house has both solar hot water and PV and we've reduced our monthly bill from about $500 to $16-100 depending on the weather) The only thing the article gets terribly wrong is that there is NO coal powered electrical generation in Hawaii. Why? There is no coal. The generators are fired by imported petroleum.

me: "Hello?"
caller: "Hello, this is Microsoft Support. Your Windows PC has a very serious problem."

me: "That's terrible! What can I do? Oh, but first, I have to ask you if your family is in the same building with you."
caller: "What"

me: "Well, I just completed the trace route on your IP."
caller: "Huh?"

me: "Let me explain. I'm Special Agent Dennis Jones of the US DIA and I just placed you on the Alternate Target List."
caller: "What?"

me: "It's this way, when we do a Predator mission and there's only one Hellfire left, the vehicle is just plain too dangerous to land so we re-task it to an Alternate Target."
caller: "What?"

me: "Yeah, and I'd feel really bad if innocent families were taken out in a strike." "You know how it is."
caller: "Uuuhhh"

me: "Oh, by the way, we don't have any Windows machines here. Ya'll have a nice day."

caller: CLICK

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It must be Spring! There's a single leaf on the backyard Plumeria.

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Recently took a spectacular helicopter ride over the Pu'u O'o vent on the Big Island of Hawai'i
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