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Sooo.... Can we expect retractions when enough egg is removed from their collective faces to be able see again???
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heard about this.

whf is going on in Canada's RIM headquarters ?

haven't they got enough problems trying to stop their own boat from sinking instead of mocking the cruise-liners passing them by ?

How does mocking a company like this make customers want to jump from the floating boat, to the sinking one ?

at least if you're going to do it, have a better product to offer, like when Samsung mock Apple.

as for RIM, what are they offering Apple people to choose ?
Oh man. Quite a few tech blogs owe Samsung an apology. Also funny how no one even thought about Blackberry.
+Phillip Hagger

lol, nobody thinks of RIM anymore. that's kinda their problem.

Even RIM wakes up every morning and remembers "ah, crap. I'm RIM !" :)
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