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Sam's Club leaked Black Friday ad... They may take Q4 as well...
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With 2 year service kinda sucks... but still really awesome.
+Andrew Eva Yeah, but it's better than $200 with two year contract... Hehehe... ;-)
For reals. I need to get me an unlocked one! Doesn't say carrier compatible... I know it says LTE, Verizon you think?... my wife will squee.
Not sure, AT&T has LTE too now so could be them...
Yeah, gives me pause. AT&T is lame... though I'm very biased. 
Yeah, I left AT&T for Sprint, however the Nexus 4 being $300 off contract, makes me think of going back just to take advantage of that... but on a month to month plan... 
I was sprint prior to being Verizon. there were a lot of things I really liked about sprint. Their messaging system was horrid, but coverage was generally decent. Since my work phone was Verizon it worked well because one would have signal and the other wouldn't.

I basically switched to Google voice for my personal phone and run both on the same cell. The Galaxy SIII is so awesome. Wish I could talk work into hooking me up.
don't they do 30 days price matching?
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