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Yeah... what he said...

+Max Lee don't know if you've seen this yet, but thought you'd be interested if you hadn't.
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Kun Li
Meh this can't be true. How come almighty iPhone could lose to any other phone?

Even if it's true........Hey, I'm a artist!
Why are we still calling these tiny portable computers phones?
+Mike LeBrun good point... That's part of the reason I'd be happy with a Galaxy Note... I don't necessarily need a phone but I love these pocket computers...
I've had the htc evo 4g almost 2 years and love it! Not a iphone fan. It's just for show in my opinion.
-"Hey you know why iDevices only have 1 button ?"
-"No, why ?"
-"Because any more than that will confuse the hell out of their clueless -users !"
After using Android 2.2 for one year and now using iPhone 4 for the same, I still like Android for its ease of use and better operating system. Dont knock it until you try it, otherwise your fooling yourself.
Still depends on the user and what will suit their needs. My opinion? iOS is plainly simple while Android can be customizable where you can treat it like a phone or use it as a computer and do anything you want. For the record, I haven't used my laptop for months now. Hahaha. And btw, Great video!!! It deserves more +1. Lol
thanks mate, will pass it on..
Marcos Googolin
Which Android phone was he using in the demonstration?
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