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James Pakele

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LMFAO! Christian Today's coverage online of Sons of Anarchy...

Last place I'd think to find fans of that show... 
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The biggest fan I know of the show is a mother of 2 in New Zealand - the fandom seems to know no boundaries.
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WATCH: Google has a patent pending for contact lenses with cameras. Is this the future of Google Glass? Would you buy a pair?
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James Pakele

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Oh damn!!! OUCH!!!
.gif's 'TUF 19: Penn vs. Edgar' Episode 1 Fight Replays - The first episode of 'The Ultimate Fighter 19: Penn vs. Edgar' is in the books...
The first episode of 'The Ultimate Fighter 19: Penn vs. Edgar' is in the books and the entry fights were pretty spectacular. If you missed tonight's show
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No hands too!
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James Pakele

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Goddammit.... Now that should be be my alarm...
The next time I think about hitting the snooze button...
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James Pakele

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The Matrix
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Nice cable management! :P
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James Pakele

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The power of the umbrella...
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Then you disable it I suppose
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James Pakele

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Cloud computing is the future... Making Chromebooks extremely viable going forward as well...
"[People]... are looking for more information about the success, growth and future of [Google] Apps. Here are 40 more stats you need to know about the +Google Apps Ecosystem." I like the way they state their case then provide a reference to back it up with, so it's not purely subjective. #googleapps
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Very interesting: "Chromebooks now account for 21% of notebook computers sold in the US, according to NPD Group"
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James Pakele

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I'm sorry, I thought altering your brain was the whole point of smoking pot in the first place...

Just saying...
Study finds signs of brain changes in pot smokers

More »
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+Merle Reine  There's also the claim that OLD studies done about the long term effects aren't valid anymore, because the type of marijuana used in the 1970's was weaker than the ones used today (plus there are many different strains/species of marijuana by now, including those in independent labs that the public will never know about). Thus there should be a need for a NEW study on the long term effects.

But on the other hand, maybe there's no need for a new study on what goes on inside the body. Surveys about what goes on around the body, on chronic users, may have the answer:

" of our researchers surveyed people that had used marijuana regularly for many years. The marijuana users reported diminished life satisfaction and more physical and mental health problems, which they attributed to the marijuana. They also had poorer academic and job outcomes and lower salaries than a group of adults from comparable backgrounds who did not smoke marijuana..."

Causal relationship set aside (not knowing which causes the other), by having a correlation between regular drug use and various long term downsides, I'd say getting into marijuana is not worth it.
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You, our viewers, sent in a lot of great photos of Monday night's lunar eclipse, including this one from +Ethan Tweedie

Click here to see more "Blood Moon" photos taken in Hawaii:

#KITVulocal #HInews #HawaiiNews #808news #lunareclipse #BloodMoon
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James Pakele

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Boss thinks she's feeding an army....

It's me the boss, two 7 year old and a 1 year old....

This is what's left after We were all done eating... 
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That's how you do it.
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Just as good as the other reviews said... My new "secret spot"... Loved the prime rib!!!
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reviewed 2 years ago
Always late, if they tell you 20 minutes expect it to take 40, if they say 30 minutes expect over an hour... not by fluke, this is consistent...
Public - 2 years ago
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14 reviews
Best sandwich I ever had...
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Public - 2 years ago
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Only place in town for a lot of the items offered. Very helpful staff that learns your and quickly, gives it that Cheers everybody-knows-your-name feeling...
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago