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WTF.   Just WTF.

I say that every time I see this video:  "Welcome To Forestville"


So, overnight was the first time this winter where the temperatures dropped below 0°F.  Younger girlchild was unfamiliar with numbers less than zero, or 'to the left of zero on the number line', as it hasn't yet been introduced in school.

Had to explain that the stupid 'Fahrenheit scale' the US still clings to was invented before better science -- including before refrigeration.  So, Herr Fahrenheit made a mark on his newly-invented thermometer on the coldest day of the year and called it 'zero', because he had no means of producing colder temperatures.  Accordingly, he made a mark on his thermometer on the hottest day of the year, and called it 100.  We, near the Great Lakes of North America, get temperature extremes beyond those of 17th century central Europe, apparently.

So much for climate discussions.

So... what do people call it when temperatures go below zero -- Fahrenheit or Celsius? (And no, 'F*cking Cold' isn't an acceptable response).  And please don't preach to this choir about the wondrousness of Kelvin or Centegrade (or even Rankine) scales.

Do you say "Minus ten", "Negative ten", or simply "Ten Below"?

It never occurred to me that, as a scientist/engineer, I've been trained to say "Negative Ten", whereas non-technical people tend to say "minus ten" or "ten below".  Understanding Spouse has never pointed this quirk of mine (Saying "Negative" before the number) out to me before this morning.

What do you, dear reader, say when speaking about temperatures?

I'm posting this here, because I'm on a 'proper pronunciation' bender, and I got nowhere else to go.

The Bar & Grill is named "Draught & Victuals".  It's pronounced 'Draft and Vittles", not 'Drawt and Vik-tyu-ils".

"Linux" is "Lee-nucks".  As in Linus Torvald's first name ("Lee-nuhs")

And while I am definitely an 'Arch' guy, 'Ubuntu' is pronounced 'oo boon' TOO' with a very-short last syllable -- not drawn out at all.  'Debian' is 'Deb-EEan', as in the names 'Debbie' and "Ian".  Not 'dee-bee-an'.

Lastly, I live in Chautauqua County, pronounced sh'TAW-kwa, not CHAW-taw-kwa nor Chatta-kwayah.   More like two syllables rather than a full three.  The big city to the north is called 'BUFF-lo', not 'Buff-ah-lo'.

Thank you.  I feel better, now.

My opinion on Same-Sex Marriage?

Well, as a Christian, I don't approve of Gay Marr--  well, I don't /approve/ of the color the family up the street painted their house, either, you know?

But, you know -- just because it's not /my/ thing, doesn't mean I get to say "hey, the red trim on the green isn't working", right?   It's their house.

So, what was the question, again?

Also:  I'm not watching any of "Game of Thrones" because A) I don't have cable, and B) for the same reason I'm not reading the very highly regarded book series:

George RR Martin is old and not in the best of health.  There is every indication that he will not live to finish writing the series of books (from which the television series is inspired).

The last thing I need is to get completely wrapped-up in a good story only to have it never finished.

I'm simply waiting for it to be /done/.

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Hey, all:  the hate group "One Million Moms" is having a write-in campaign to demand the Honey-Maid company remove their 'This is Wholesome' ad-campaign, because it shows mixed-race families and same-sex parents.

Thing is, they offer a web-mail form where users can write their own letter to the company expressing their own thoughts.

How about we all write letters of support at that website, replacing the template with our own letters of support?  Maybe we can subvert the intent of the hate-campaign from 'one million moms'!

Go here, and click on the 'Take Action' link:

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I am a communist.

If Pete Seeger was a communist -- as he claimed he was (with a small 'c', not a member of the party) -- then I am, too.

God rest you well, you greatest of Americans.

No; God rest you well, you greatest of mankind.
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