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Introducing the new, bargain-priced Chromebook! For everyone!  
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Wow! What is the UK price going to be?

Edit: Ah, found it. £229. Not bad!
Want one! (If I didn't have one). 
That is very cheap - is it faster than my Chromebook SS5? I will have to wait for the 3G version, though.
Can't find the RAM and Local Storage spec but looks super cool.
Found it! 2GB/16GB for $249? Wow. What a wild deal.
The local 16GB is irrelevant really.
ARM-based, huh? I like that they're going in that direction, but I honestly hope it doesn't increase the fragmentation of the OS. It seems the ChromeOS team has had trouble keeping up with just the five devices at times...and they're all x86-based.

Now they really need to push the "why a Chromebook" again. The ad from I/O 2011 was a brilliant, succinct description of the concept, but Google seems to have list their way on the messaging. They really need to hammer home the "cloud device" paradigm or people will just keep asking why not a cheap Windows laptop.

Oh yeah, and stop trying to make a browser masquerade as a Windows OS! ;)
Very nice +Mike McLoughlin! Thanks!

I'm not sure I'm crazy about the hinge design - it's not very pleasing visually - but I'm sure I'll be tempted to change my mind when a 3G model comes out.
+Dan Stormont - the fact that it's ARM-based won't lead to any fragmentation (unlike Windows).  All Chromebooks (from the CR-48 to this) follow the same release schedule.  A new version with new features every ~6 weeks.
Except that there already are different versions for each of the supported platforms and there have already been hardware-specific bugs, not to mention delays like the time the Cr-48s fell behind by two releases. And, as I'm sure you're aware, the ARM build is a different build than the x86 build and seems to have had more issues on crosbug. Certainly seems like a new build is going to add to the workload of the ChromeOS team...and I know they're working pretty hard as it is. If nothing else, they'll have double the testing load. At least I hope so, I'd hate to think the users are going to do all the testing! :)
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