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World-Wide Marijuana Cannabis Celebration Scheduled April 20, 2012. Several Arizona cities expected to participate.

News Article and Law Review By: Law office of James Novak PLLC, Phoenix AZ DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you are a supporter of the annual World-Wide Cannabis Celebration or not, you should at least be aware of the event, scheduled for Friday, April 20, 2012. Every year the list of participating cities and states in the USA is growing. Arizona was listed as one of the States who participates in the celebration and rally.

For those who plan to attend or participate in the celebration, it would be a good idea to review our prior post on Google + link at the end of this article. It provides information on gathering peacefully, legally and within constitutional rights for a cause. These tips will help avoid an arrest, and at the same time allow a person’s voice to be heard. If you plan to attend the Phoenix AZ rally you should understand that law enforcement officials are well aware of it due to the announcements and can be expected to have heightened security around and at the locations. Additional preventative measures by those participating should be considered including:

• Refrain from attending under the influence of marijuana, illegal drugs or alcohol;

• Refraining from possessing any marijuana, drug paraphernalia, or other illegal drugs in your vehicle or on your person:

• Adhere to instructions or warnings given by police, security or traffic officials intended to keep the rally peaceful and within the law. Do not give police any reason to arrest you.

Visit Google + link for how to protest lawfully, peacefully, effectively and to avoid being arrested.

Arizona Locations expected to celebrate the cause:

Arizona Cannabis Celebration locations:
Phoenix, Arizona
Campaign to Educate II
East Court Building101 W.
Jefferson Phoenix, AZ 85003 Rain Baker CAMP420

Phoenix, Arizona
Steele Indian School Park
Marijuana Peace Rally & Smokeout

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Accountants have a busy 4/15. +James Novak has a busy 4/20! Do you bring on extra help for the pro-pot season? :)
You never know how these kinds of things turn out. But I hope the link I added as well as the new tips to the current post will help prevent people from violating the law during the gathering, while get their message out effectively.
Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.
FYI. I heard that Governor Romney will be in Phoenix AZ tomorrow April 20. I wonder how that's all going to go. I noticed his appearance will be around the corner from the Phoenix gathering.
You are clearly convicted. And your thoughts were both interesting, and yet entertaining to say the least. I can't wait to hear the next. As informed as you are, I think you would do well at a Presidential debate.
+Teachblade Reynolds , Rubio won't happen. They did a matchup poll of the ticket of Romney with Rubio and someone from Ohio I think vs Obama/Biden and they didn't even get a 1 point bump, losing both states polls by 5% or more.

I hate autocorrect sometimes.
"+Gary Johnson trys to inject cannabis legalization into the presidential debates": ; also to end drug prohibition / wars; they're not going to talk about it otherwise;
He could use your social media support... he doesn't have a lot of money, thus large media outlets are not airing his campaign; spread the word & vote for Gary!
"Web quiz tells you which presidential candidate best fits your world view; NPR": ; or go directly:  Courtesy of: +Gary Johnson ;
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