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Some really nice visualizations of mathematical concepts.
Since I'm not that good at (as I like to call it) 'die-hard-mathematics', I've always liked concepts like the golden ratio or the dragon curve, which are easy to understand and explain, but are mathematically beautiful at the same time. Do you know of any other concepts like these?
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James Nelson

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If developers ran the company... :D

In English:
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James Nelson

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No day is complete without java fever!
This dude better show up soon...
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James Nelson

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And without unit tests, you'd never even know ;-)
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If you enjoyed some, or all , of the recent "Science v's Creationism" debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham,  you'll love this beautiful piece taking Bill Nye's words from the debate and put to music and video.

If you enjoyed this, you'll probably also enjoy another similar video with Neil deGrasse Tyson called "The Most Astounding Fact"

The Most Astounding Fact - Neil deGrasse Tyson
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James Nelson

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Gwt 2.6.0 with java 7 and a whole giant host of features is now GA!
Thanks everyone, especially +Matthew Dempsky for managing the release.
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James Nelson

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Great way to blend technology and health science. +Google is working on Glucose-Sensing Contact Lenses for #Diabetics
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James Nelson

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Handy cheat sheet of common commands
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Lol these are the only I have memorized. Litterally. I do fine ;)
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James Nelson

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Anyone who wants to play with java 8 in gwt, I've gone ahead and forked +Ray Cromwell's java 8 language support, rebased it onto Gwt 2.6, and uploaded it to github, with a prebuilt dist zip in the main directory, in case you don't feel like setting up your environment to run the ant build yourself.

The java8 work still needs a bunch of emulation for new java.util classes, and the changes for java 8 language support fail against the latest changes in master, but you can get started on using java 8 today!

Ray; I'm not sure if you'd rather rebase yourself or if I should open a pull request that includes the rebase, but at the very least, work is under way!!
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I've done more of the java8 collection methods, and will upload a new release once I'm done coding for today; .forEach and a few other common methods have been added, but there's still quite a bit of missing emulation support.

This can easily be added by checking out the source and editing supersource in /user/super.  If there are any other methods you want, you can either checkout and build yourself, or add the method and open a pull request.  If you are unfamiliar with building gwt, start here: 

really, you just need to make sure you set GWT_TOOLS and GWT_VERSION environment variables, and run ant dist-dev from the root of the install (might want to run a plain ant dist to do a few tests too).

The only concern, atm, is that java 8 super source will likely need to be kept separate from regular java 7 source, since the new language features won't fare well without a java 8 compiler.
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James Nelson

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For anyone interested in testing or contributing the sourcemap debugger plugin for eclipse (SuperDevMode debugger plugin), the repo is hosted @ and the mailing list / group @!forum/sdbg

This project is a fork of Dart's implementation, and has basic sourcemap deobfuscation javascript debugging via the standard eclipse debugger.  It's still very much an experimental project, but it is ready to test, and we invite you to do so, with feedback posted to the Google Group.

Once myself and +Ivan Markov vet and fix any issues with the debugger stepping, we will cut an experimental build and post a p2 repository for you to try it out without having to checkout the code.

If you do decide to checkout the code, you have three options of how to run it:
1) import the project root as a maven project, and run SDBG.launch in com.github.sdbg.debug.ui project
2) run mvn install from project root, and use the generated p2 zip file in com.github.sdbg.p2\target
3) after mvn install from root, run mvn install from com.github.sdbg.releng.install, and launch a generated eclipse install from target/eclipse/eclipse

Full instructions in the github repo.
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Needless to say, it is not 1.0 yet,
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