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James Morris
My game is SERPs and Web Dev. I read rankings and code like Gamers play RPGs.
My game is SERPs and Web Dev. I read rankings and code like Gamers play RPGs.


G+ is still a thing huh? Wow... Shocked.

Hmmm... Yup, can't say I miss using Google+ /shrug

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Hello and welcome back to another week here on This Week in Search. Each week some of the brightest minds get together to talk about the latest news from the world of search, SEO, social and more. Don't miss it!

As always, drop by early for seating if you'd like to join the panel. Also feel free to add your own news stories to the event page or drop us a question via the Q&A application.  

Working from home has many benefits. Getting a snow day off is not one of them. LOL! #backonyourheads  

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Well, now I don't feel so bad about being an over-thinker. :)

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This was my jam around, oh, 2009 #TBT  

Calm like the river 
Deep as the ocean
Dances like the rain
Elusive as the mist
Solid as the ice

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After 10 years in business, I'm trying hard to step out more from behind the curtain and offer up practical business advice to SMB's and entrepreneurs, mainly about the hard times and things that people don't want to talk about.

It's a lonely road when you're getting started. People often only show the success sides of their achievements via social and that's not super helpful to you, the starving artist waiting 90 days for your client to pay.

I've started a #weeklywisdom column on our site (we are NowSourcing, an infographic design agency) to discuss the hard topics.

Here's a taste of what's to come -

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