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Yeah it's a bit orthogonal/abstract but in a good way.
Man I just saw the google glass video. It's not an april fools joke is it? It looks too good to be true.
I'm telling ya! Well with the 3 of us I know it's Google-FanBoi-Corner but we can call B.S./know where it's at too and with the memory of GoogWave in the recent past I still want to call this one a potentially huge game changer - mainly because it's such a natural fit w/ all the other software assets Goog has, I sure hope they poached enough A+ type Apple h/w engineers though ;-) !
Haha! Google fanboi corner. I like that. But yea Google glasses might become another flop like Wave or Chrome OS, but if it do comes out, I'd still like to get one just to look geeky cool.
Despite the video that I posted above, count me as a Google fanboi too!
Haha, Hi Joe. Welcome to the fanboi club.
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