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So I posted my first /new/ blog post in a while.

Yeah, I switched hosts. I wasn't getting any interaction on my own little Wordpress installation, so I moved. I haven't posted links here until now as they've been reposts, but ... this one is new.

I present:

"Why the 'Authoritarian/Libertarian' political axis is flawed", or ... "Not all Authoritarians agree with each other".

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Along with many others, I got my black sojourner today. What I want to know is how many other people managed this feat including an international house move, and two entire days with no phone service?

What is there on the Play store that's worth buying?

Honestly, I can't find much that looks worthwhile by scanning through the list of apps that it brings up when I go searching.

I'm not honestly sure at the moment if this is because the apps genuinely are just that useless, or if Google's algorithms are hiding the hidden gems from me...

So, Airport transfer lounge. 5:30AM local time. Been here since ~8PM yesterday. Had maybe 3 hrs 'dozing' on and off.

It's starting to get busy again, so I won't be getting any more sleep here.

Got a very long day ahead of me - 24 hours till the next sleep, unless I get any on the plane, which is unlikely given my past history with sleep and aircraft.

To the fuckheads in the blue mazda, qld plate 033RWS, that's 033 RWS for any of you nice search engines that want to index this, nice job spraying me with some kind of drink out of the side window of your car. Shame you A) got stopped at the traffic lights, and B have exactly no idea how to get away in a hurry. I have you on camera.

Next in the crazy list of things to be worked out for an international move, is just how much does data weigh.

Well, the four hard drives from my server weigh just under 3KG.

I'm sure this could be improved if I could afford SSDs.

Needless to say, I can't...

OK, so for those who haven't heard yet (which will be only those who don't have my wife as a facebook friend), life has ... changed a bit for me.

I was made redundant just over a week ago by N3V Games. No notice, just told at 9:45am on the Monday along with the rest of the office that that's it, hand over your keys, clear out your desk and go home.

It was ... a bit of a surprise. Total out of the blue job.

That evening, I sent off my CV to Dovetail Games, N3V's biggest competitor. I don't know what I was expecting, I hadn't really considered the implications.

Anyway, I now have a job there, working for the company formerly known as "the competition", starting in August. The job is in Chatham.

So I'm coming home. The logistical nightmare I've just landed myself with is an international house move to achieve it.

(Well, not strictly home, home, but Kent. Still a lot closer than anywhere I've been in the last 8 years...)

So a discussion I had with someone recently has raised a few issues.

Indie devs and AAA devs ... Just where is the line? Is there, in fact, some overlap, or even a gap between? It would appear to me that there is a lot more going on than just these two categories.

I've never seen a really satisfactory definition of what AAA actually is. The previous definition I have heard was 'people will buy into the platform just for this game'. But that would appear to exclude multiplatform titles which are obviously still AAA. Everyone seems to understand what AAA is without a formal definition - it's a big studio, with lots of staff, and a big budget, making a full price game.

Indie has an obvious definition - independent, specifically of a publisher. Some would widen this to include any game developed without publisher funding - if a dev makes and finishes the game, then goes to a publisher to sell it, that's different to a publisher giving the dev an advance to complete the game, and potentially getting to meddle in the development.

In the era of crowdfunding though, you can easily have both big budget and independent at the same time. Star Citizen would appear to fit this bill admirably, for example. And there are plenty of games with vastly smaller budgets of "only" seven figures, say, which nevertheless are still sold through (or even financed by) publishers. These would appear to be neither indie nor AAA.

Do we even have a name for this yet?

Hey, mdadm, I've got an extra disk for /dev/md1.

--    OK, you now have a RAID 1 pair ... and a spare drive. So if one of those mirrors dies, I can rebuild it :)

mdadm, how about RAID 5 please?

--    OK, you now have a RAID 5 array on two disks, and a spare. Same as above, only the 1 changed to a 5. Was that what you wanted?

errr, mdadm, USE ALL THREE DRIVES.

--    Oh.... right. I'll have that done for you before you can can say 'Jack Robinson' - just don't say it for the next ... seven hours. Maybe.
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