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James Mendez Hodes
Just dancing, officer.
Just dancing, officer.


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Thousand Arrows Quickstart

So, +Brennan Taylor and I have been working together on Thousand Arrows, an Apocalypse Engine tabletop role-playing game about the Japanese Warring States Period, for the past couple of years. It's about high-powered samurai warfare and drama in the tradition of Kurosawa films and Japanese historical war narratives. It's now in quickstart/ashcan stage and I want to share it with all of you for feedback and playtesting. Many—perhaps most—of you reading me have played PbtA games with me in the past, and some of you have played this game's previous versions. Your influence and energy has helped to make this game what it is today.

The game is linked below. I've also just created an official +Galileo Games Discord channel, which you can join here if you want to discuss the game in real(er)-time or set up playtests:

Because this is important to me, if you want to play or run this game, I will personally help connect you to other players and set up your sessions, as best I can. Let me know if you'd be interested in playing a game of Thousand Arrows and I'll coordinate you. Also, please discuss, ask questions, etc. in the comments below!

Yours in gunpowder and betrayal,
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Here's where I'm going.

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I looked at MeWe but I wanted to throw a coffee mug at my computer screen after trying to use it for five minutes. I'm gonna wait until the interface changes and try it again.

I think I am ready for Mario and Luigi to jump on Mitch McConnell.
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Help me write 7th Sea: Khitai, a swashbuckling fantasy RPG of alternate-history Asia, Oceania, & the Pacific! We're especially hoping for writers of Asian, Oceanian, and Pacific Islander descent; or with academic backgrounds in those regions’ history, culture, or religion.

Please reshare, and feel free to ask questions in the comments!
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RPG Internship Programs?

So an increasing number of teenagers are coming to me asking about gaming- and writing-related internships. Does anyone have any experience setting up an internship program? I'm thinking this program's focus would be on late high school to college-age kids, usually from ethnic minority backgrounds, who are interested in getting into gaming and writing in a way that traditional academics don't really have a path for. I would like this program to pay a fair wage or else offer academic credit, but I don't know how to go about fundraising for such a thing.
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Thousand Arrows Quickstart!

The Thousand Arrows quickstart is here! If you thought the alpha was cool, wait until you see the quickstart, which is even better (and maybe playable without Mendez, Brennan, or Lilith there). Take a look at the link below, and if you want, join us on the all-new Galileo Games Discord channel to talk about our games and set up playtests!

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Content warning for child abuse in the article itself.

I majored in religion, focusing on voodoo and other Afro-Atlantic traditions. I've occasionally joined in voodoo and other Afro-Caribbean rituals. I write professionally on them. To echo scholars quoted in the article: this isn't any damn voodoo I've heard of.
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I just printed out the new version of the DW sheets (, but some of the text (gray on gray) isn't legible, and I'm gonna be playing with kids. Does a printer-friendly version of them exist?

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It turns out I'm Asian and that's important. <3 Come home to Khitai with me.
If you only listen to one episode of the 7th Sea podcast, listen to this one. +James Mendez Hodes was nice enough to sit down with me to answer some hard-hitting questions about Khitai. We talk Asian representation in RPGs, the challenge of not falling prey to cultural stereotypes in a fantasy world, and the source material he's working from to develop 7th Sea: Khitai.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Mendez. I hope it inspires more folks to back the game!
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