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Whole peeled feijoas, baked with brown sugar and butter, just before adding the vanilla ice-cream and scoffing. I reckon I could've done these an extra five minutes to maximise the caramelising, but they were still pretty good. +Mark Dawson has suggested putting them on the BBQ to add a smoky edge...
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Nice work James!
What was the consistency?
Ooh, how I wish we could get DECENT sized Fejoas in Aus, when I am able to find some, they are SO small. When I was growing up in Ellerslie, there was a lady who lived up the hill in Morrin St, who would let Mum know whene the Fejoas where ready, and asked for us kids to go around to pick them. We all thought we were in heaven!
Feijoas are not cheap to buy either and I don't think of buying them because they were somethsing that we always got fro free when I was a child. I think I need to get over this.
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