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Blender Enthusiast, and Nerd
Blender Enthusiast, and Nerd

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He does it again!
Added photos to Global Star Party - Eastern Night Edition.

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NGC 6357: Cathedral to Massive Stars 
Image Credit: NASA, ESA 

Explanation: How massive can a normal star be? Estimates made from distance, brightness and standard solar models had given one star in the open cluster Pismis 24 over 200 times the mass of our Sun, nearly making it the record holder. This star is the brightest object located just above the gas front in the above image. Close inspection of images taken with the Hubble Space Telescope, however, have shown that Pismis 24-1 derives its brilliant luminositynot from a single star but from three at least. Component stars would still remain near 100 solar masses, making them among the more massive stars currently on record. Toward the bottom of the image, stars are still forming in the associated emission nebula NGC 6357. Appearing perhaps like aGothic cathedral, energetic stars near the center appear to be breaking out and illuminating a spectacular cocoon.


I am having a very hard time with polar alignment. I can see Polaris with my eye but when I look through a polar scope I am having a hard time identifying it. Any tips or am I just dumb lol 

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Finally got some new equipment and here we go.

Celestron AVX Mount
Canon 6D 100mm F2 lens
5 Photos - View album

New astrophotography coming up

Can someone tell me a good software to burn MP4's to bluray? I have tried AVCHD but it wont read my files for some reason. I have tried Freemake but it crashes when it tries to burn.

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If you were curious I am not on here because I don't have internet access. So I have to use my phone for everything...

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