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James Martinez
Author of "Once Upon a Transcendent Realm", "Eternus Spirare" - I walk with God
Author of "Once Upon a Transcendent Realm", "Eternus Spirare" - I walk with God


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SEO Strategy for today's Internet
SEO Strategy for today's Internet

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New Vlog, Its here! (check it out)

Hello world, how are you? Welcome to my 1st Vlog. My names James Martinez and I’ve got some great gifts to share with you all. I’m an artist on every level. God blessed me with some of the most amazing experiences & now I’m going to share them with you all.

I write, currently working on book #5 - hopeful to release it this year. I paint, capture images & create films too. Basically, if there’s something wonderful happening I want to be part of it. From music to imagery I love everything.

I create/blog/ daily about insightful and inspiring topics.

God’s moving though me to reveal our walk. If you don’t know yet - I was blessed to have walks with Him. He asked me to write and ever since I've been an artist. It’s a really long story + its challenging to hear out of context, so the plan is to reveal it in a discernible way & hopefully inspiring you to a greater life.

We live in such a beautiful world, I’m going to show it to you through my eyes.

So you know, along the way I got lost. I was once the worst one, meaning I’ve done everything wrong at one point. When I found God He checked me. (abasement) He showed me what I couldn’t see and then He took it upon Himself to teach me. I’m talking of Father God. (The Creator)

Since then we’ve become like best friends. He’s been hooking me up with an incredible life ever since. (its all a gift) I get excited whenever I think about the things we’re doing. I recall who I was and then when I think of how great a blessing this is and it makes me smile. I wouldn’t have picked me!

Anyhow this vlog is being created to help others find their way, and also to help everyone become acquainted with the things we've just done through our walks. (FYI) We’ve done something never been done before. (history)

If you know you know, if not be sure and stay tuned as we reveal this extraordinary gift through this Vlog. Or if you’re interested you can pick my books “Once Upon a Transcendent Realm” & “Eternus Spirare” and have a read for yourself. (buckle-up)

Meanwhile I hope this 1st Vlog gives you an idea of what’s up.

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Thanks everyone for the support and love, Hope you like it.
(more coming soon)

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I share often the extraordinary experiences I've become part of, people sometimes think I'm self-centered because I speak of these blessings. Its because I'm so excited about what God and I are doing that I share so much.

I was once selfish, self-centered, all about me me me but then God abased me. As in He humbled me and cut me down to size. Since then everything we do is for something greater than myself. (its for Him, and for the suffering world)

The lessons are sometimes hard, most people I know try and live away from God. They spend their time running or in complete disregard. I remember what that sort of life was about. (ones self)

I share daily now though, I share on these experiences because they are not only historic and quite significant for humanity, they reveal God's grace and ultimately glorify Him.

If ever you connect with our journey, I hope you'll realize just as I have that were it not for Jesus none of us would've had a shot. I thank Our Father God for salvation, for forgiveness, and for redemption. Thank you for everything!

Grace and peace to you,
God bless you, I love you.

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This is such a special place, this is part of God's blessing to us. We broke this Temple on our way back from the start of life.

Father God named the region Aswan because we broke The Temple together as one. 

I'm sharing this not to have your approval but so you can be part of this experience with us. I already have God's approval, if you know anything of life that's all one needs.

Its such an honor to be part of human history in such a profound way. His Word I shall forever profess, His grace I shall forever testify to and His everlasting love I shall forever share with you all. 

If you're unaware, this Ancient Temple suffered an earthquake during the final days of its completion, (God and I caused the earthquake that faithful evening) it caused the statue to brake, thus rewriting history.

This is one of God's great works. Being with Him I've witnessed many of miracles. I've seen many things that have become folklore or mythology but actually happened in supernatural ways mankind seems to have forgotten about. 

This is quite a bit to take in I understand but again I'm not seeking approval for the things we're doing I'm hoping to inspire you as you realize how amazing God is and how significant His blessings are for us all.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends, I thank Our Father in Heaven for Jesus, and for all of you baring witness to His great works. Were it not for Jesus I wouldn't have made it back to Our Father God.

We do live in an incredible world, a world where there are no limits, a world where anything's possible with God - a world where all we need is faith and belief. 

I testify to The Truth!

This event took place Thanksgiving 2011 for me, for the rest of the world this event transpired 3280 years ago.

We changed the world!

And Yes, this is a miracle from God.

#BeInLove #BeTheLight #PracticeBeingAsone #GodBlessYou #Faith #Love #Truth #Hope #Grace #Righteousness #Godly #Otherworldly #GraceToYou from #FatherGod #JesusChrist & #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #Minister #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #IWalkedWithGod #Transcendence #SpaceTime #Physics #OutOfThisWorld #Heaven #Angels #Demons #Spiritual #Enlightenment #Energy

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Prophecy, (2011/2012 End of The World & Rapture explained)

Father God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit have been guiding me so that we deliver our message. These insights came from the The Holy Trinity. God is amazing!

This video clarifies Harold Camping’s May 21st 2011 end of world prediction, it also helps explain how our transcendent journey was prophesied and ultimately testifies to the blessings God shared.

In addition to our having explained Mayan 2012 end of the world predictions as well as the 2011 prediction by Camping, its safe to say God is truly helping us understand His blessings by giving us signs and discernment of these miracles.

Be sure and subscribe if you’re interested in receiving spiritual insight and upcoming revelation. Or, if you’d just like to keep up with our walk and be entertained in a faithful way.

So you know where I'm coming from. I'm with Father God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. I have been for a very long time now. If you really want to get technical I've been with God since the beginning.

When we started I faced temptation by the spiritual opposition of this world. I found how big a blessing Father God gave to me when the whole world began reacting to our experiences. From changing recorded history to fulfilling ancient and recent prophesy, our walk has impacted the world in so many ways.

We’ve only just begun,
God bless you everyone.

#GraceToYou from #FatherGod #JesusChrist & #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #Minister #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #IWalkedWithGod #Transcendence #SpaceTime #Physics #OutOfThisWorld #Energy #Heaven #Angels #SpiritualInsight #Prophecy #BeInLove #BeAtPeace #BeingAsOne #GodBlessYou #EndOfWorldPredictions #HaroldCamping #May2011

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1st time I met with #God, He hadn't shown His face yet. He wore armor, I saw His eyes through His helmet. Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit were there. It was when we all first started hanging out. Father God dresses in battle gear, other times He's dressed as a general, not kidding.

#BeInLove #BeTheLight #PracticeBeingAsone #GodBlessYou #Faith #Love #Truth #Hope #Grace #Righteousness #Godly #Otherworldly #GraceToYou from #FatherGod #JesusChrist & #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #Minister #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #IWalkedWithGod #Transcendence #SpaceTime #Physics #OutOfThisWorld #Heaven #Angels #Demons #Spiritual #Enlightenment #Energy
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