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This is amazingly brilliant, and spot on accurate at the same time.

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Renoogling Complete

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Longish post -- this is about a water logged piece of precious electronics, and restoring it to working order.

Today I want to talk about a crazy mishap I had with a Dexcom G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose monitor.  Its a piece of electronics manufactured by our friends at Dexcom, a San Diego based company that has totally changed how I manage my diabetes.  (in a good way)  I pretty much live by the device, which is why, when I couldn't find it one day, I become concerned.  Eventually I found it -- at the bottom of the laundry machine in mid-cycle.

Yes, thats right, it found its way into the laundry having been in the pocket of my pants.  It had been in there about 20 minutes and it was SOAKED.  There was a tiny bubble in the display to indicate "I could squeeze another ml of water in here if I could get this bubble out" -- but otherwise... it was entirely water logged.

Not good.  

Anyone who has attempted getting one of these knows there tends to be a bunch of paperwork and headache associated with it -- as insurance companies don't love these devices as  much as patients do.  So I was gearing up for a huge hassle and a bunch of silly paperwork.

The device is not water proof by any means, and so I assumed it was game over.  But as a test -- I tried doing what I always do with wet electronics.  Do nothing and dry it really really well.

I did not attempt to turn it on.  Thats probably important.

I first extracted the main water from the device by using a paper towel to wick the water out of the device.  until the I couldn't get any more out of it.  The main intrusion point is the usb port on the bottom.  There is no other way to disassemble the device -- so I did not try to open it up like you might a cell phone.

I then turned on my oven to its lowest setting (150 F in my case) and placed it inside.  I just left it there.  For about 18-20 hours.  While that was happening, I read some stories of people having good luck using rice to absorb water out of electronics -- so at about hour 8, I added a handful of rice to the oven (uncooked) and let it bake at 150 overnight and into the next day.  I oriented the device such that the main opening (usb port) was as high as possible to allow any hot air to rise out of it -- hopefully carrying moisture with it.  But covered the entire thing in rice on all sides and let it bake.

I pulled it out, let it cool.

I turned it on -- and holy crap -- it works?!?!?

I was impressed.  Took about 20 hours to resurrect, but it worked.

I am making this post publicly in the hopes that if you have a similar event in your life, you might be able to save your device too.  My cgm is back in action and doing just fine.
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