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James Lyne
Security expert, general generalist & geek, Sophos
Security expert, general generalist & geek, Sophos

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Is this a trend in software? To the cloud! Always the latest version! To hell with the past!

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IPv6 in Lion super default
So, it turns out in Mac OS X Lion IPv6 is now on unless you want to get seriously hacky. Link-local does cause a significant amount of network solicitation and has been known to cause problems in networks that don't support IPv6 yet. Anyway, interesting - the push for v6 continues.

Asked in the street to complete a survey, warned that I represent every and no statistical norm. #confused

I hate the term cyber space. I propose #cyber dimension. It has n sub dimensions. #security #infosec

Ah, this is the life. BBQ entrecote steaks & discussing the wonders of Linear B #crypto & historical achievement. #sunday #fun

Sunday: Connecting up my accounts with my Google+ accounts, finalising whitepaper on the future of mobile technology & security, cooking a 12 hour slow cooked pasta sugo for lasagna later, running (alot) and nursing dislocated shoulder.
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