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Just me... Nothing more about me.. :-D
Just me... Nothing more about me.. :-D

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Proud to be Enlightened!
26 September 2015

Mission: Field over XM Anomaly Chaos Clusters in favor of the Enlightened (2015-09-26).
Success: Field Executed and gains points in favor of the Enlightened at Measurement 3 and Measurement 4 (Intel Confirms Field Up at 1527 GMT+0800H)

Confirmation of XM Anomaly Conditions at Plaza Independencia, Cebu triggered serious discussions to execute a field that would secure victory for the Enlightened during the event. Countless defensive links executed by both factions and maintained in the past months have proven it a challenge to plot out an effective field. It was the goal of intel to take down as few links as possible to minimize any hints as to which areas the field would be anchored at. As time got closer to the XM Anomaly, more and more links started flying across the Visayas proving it more difficult to execute the field. 

Beginning the eve before and the morning of #ChaosCebu , intel called for last minute planning when it was found that the Resistance successfully threw blocking links around Cebu and managed to open a window for them to execute a field. Last minute plans were made and thankfully agent (redacted) was available to travel to San Remegio, Cebu to take down a blocking link; agent @PopeLuciferVI who was at Bantayan Island for another purpose took down a blocking link the night before but was still available for any succeeding developments; agent @bisduck took an early boat ride to Tagbilaran, Bohol, to take down a blocking link; agents @cogitare and @Soliloquium travelled to Pinamungajan, Cebu to execute the field; agent @Ny4nCat travelled down to Anahawan, Leyte to take down the Resistance Field anchor; agents @Githyanki&@Strormbow who was in Cebu the day before fought fatigue and lack of sleep to station at San Jose, Samar despite adjustments to field execution times; agent @Rayvier left the cluster team to take down a friendly blocking link and, agent @junecris was commissioned to secure the Negros region and take down all Resistance blocking links in Mabinay and Kabankalan, Negros.

While agents were in transit to their stations, new developments rose when new links were made from Dumaguete, Negros to Balamban, Cebu. This required agent @cogitare to leave agent @Soliloquium in Pinamungajan and travel northward to Balamban to take down the link. Resistance successfully executed their field over the cluster at around 1230H. To prevent the Resistance from gaining any score advantage, agent @Ny4nCat used a JARVIS virus on the Resistance anchor and successfully took down the field at 1355H, minutes before the start of the first measurement. While field execution depended on the arrival of agents at Barangay Dapdap, San Remegio, and at Balamban, a field was not successfully executed in time for the second measurement at 1500H. However, patience proved to be a good virtue as all agents confirmed their positions and a field was created by the Enlightened with anchors at Samar, Siargao, and Pinamungajan that successfully remained for the duration of the third and fourth measurements, which ultimately secured the Enlightened a victory for the #Chaos XM Anomaly in Cebu.

*Enlightened Cebu wishes to appeal and question the legitimacy of the following Resistance agents @ayawbaaahhh, @skulptor, and @PadreGomez. These agents had suspicious activities during the development of the XM Anomaly. When confronted to vouch for the legitimacy of these agents, some known legit members Resistance Sugbu denied being acquainted with them and stating that they were not coordinated with any Resistance Sugbu operations. Enlightened Cebu ponders on how the aforementioned agents were able to throw precise links that secured Resistance operations when they were not acquainted. Highlighting, agent @ayawbaaah was in Kabankalan, Negros Occidental during the day on 26 September 2015 at 1252H, reached Pinamungajan, Cebu on the same day to take down the Enlightened field at around 1920H which is suspicious due to time frame & ferry schedule.

ENL 20     RES 30  

ENL 22     RES 24

ENL 52     RES 08

ENL 60     RES 20

ENL 154     RES 82    

CL - Cluster Team
FP - Field Planning Team
FE - Field Execution Team

Aesma – CL
amski – CL, FP
AnakniRobot - CL
Baphomet69er - CL
bay3ng - CL
bisduck - CL, FE
bongsky - CL
BryndenRivers - FP, INTEL
CalamityFlare - CL
ChaozOne - FP, INTEL
(redacted) - FE (Hagnaya)
Chouquet - CL
cogitare - FE (Balamban)
cronic101 - CL
Fingerf00d - CL
Githyanki - FE (Samar)
GoddessHERA - CL
iLlunggoy - FE (Support)
Jormangund - CL
junecris - FE (Negros)
Kilernik - CL
komanderobot - CL
Kyffin - CL
MadCatzStrike7 - CL
Mutin33r - FE (Support)
ne0forCE - CL
Ny4nCat - FE (Leyte)
OakScarlet - CL
Pharkemjos - FE (Leyte)
Placido25 - FE (Leyte)
PopeLuciferVI - FE (Bantayan Island)
Rayvier - CL, FE (SRP)
RazielArchangel - CL
RedEcho - CL
rjgent - CL
s6t6n6s - CL, FP
Soliloquium - FE (Pinamungajan)
Strormbow - FE (Samar)
SyntaxError1010 - FP (Pinamungajan)
ToslokBuak - CL
unggoyhacker - CL
zemahd - CL
ZhaeNiyn - CL

#ChaosCebu   #Chaos   #Ingress   #Enlightened   #EnlCebu   #EnlPH  

+Matilde Tusberti +Mathew Fogg 
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