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What's got two thumbs and has moved profiles?

Bob Kelso +James Lane 

Come say hello if you haven't already.  Ya know, if you want to.
Works at Social Solutions ( as I think of stuff. I'm a dreamer. I'm the Creative Director for Social Solutions.. Lives in Durham, England. Helping you find your voice in the digita

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Lovely to see new TLDs being released. Somewhat predictable to see most desirable names already hosting ad/spam sites


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My wife is so against the idea of us getting a dog right now, she says that we have to divorce if I'm set on getting one.

I'm gutted.  I really will miss her.
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LOL@"I really miss her"!

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Shirley people don't pay that much attention to such things?

H/T +Kevin Gilmartin
How to get Social Media Engagement :D

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So, yeah. This is a thing, huh?

I can't imagine any discernible use for doing this, so I'm guessing it's a fashion thing? Anyone have anything like this? What do you think?
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Tara D
Sadly he's pretty much made himself virtually unemployable. Few people will he able to look past his appearance. 

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Reshare from my alter-ego
"FREE QR CODE with every mobile site" [sic]

Someone told me about a website design company that is giving away free QR codes with every mobile website they design.

Not wanting to be outdone, I've decided that +Social Solutions will no longer charge for full stops in copy.  Unfortunately, due to the exchange rate being quite weak, we can only offer this on UK English sites.  Sites created for our US English customers use periods instead of full stops, and we aren't able to discount these.

Due to the bank holiday weekend in the UK this weekend, we're also offering half price white-spaces in all design and SEO packages.
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LOL! Good one!

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Ported from my evil twin.
6 things you need to know if doing your own SEO

Using an SEO agency works for a lot of people.  But for those of you that would rather be doing your own SEO, the whole process can seem a little overwhelming.

Google’s +Matt Cutts was recently asked -

What are the top 3-5 SEO areas where webmasters make the most mistakes? How can we do better on those?

The advice to would-be self-marketers is pretty much the same to SEO’s, so Cutts spells out what are the most common mistakes/errors made.  Thus giving us a list of things that you should be aware of, if you’d like to optimise your own site for search engines.

For a post on +Social Solutions, I've taken the points Matt talks through in his video and expanded them a little more to help those who are embarking on this themselves.

The list basically consists of -

> Not making the site crawlable (or not having a domain at all)
> Include the right words on the page
> Make sure the information that people will want to find, is on your website
> Make your website interesting
> Site/Page title and meta descriptions
> Use the wealth of resources available to you

Read the full article at
Doing your own SEO doesn't have to hard. Not everyone wants to use an SEO agency. Here's 6 things you need to pay attention to if you're doing your own SEO.
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v helpful

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She runs the dog down...but the dog gets his own back!

OK, it's actually just a cleverly made advert. I still love it though. 
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I did not see this coming...

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Merged conversations in Hangouts. Hell, yeah.
Hangouts 2.1 for Android: SMS improvements and a homescreen widget

Today we’re launching the newest version of Hangouts for Android, rolling out to the Play store ( over the next few days. Highlights include:

- Merged conversations: SMS and Hangout conversations with the same recipient are now combined into a single conversation. You can control whether you want to send a message via Hangouts or SMS with the flip of a switch, and different message types will be easy to tell apart in the conversation. Of course, you can always merge and unmerge conversations if you’d like.

- Simplified contact list: now there’s two main sections in contacts — People you Hangout With, and Phone Contacts — making it simpler to navigate, and easier to use for SMS.

- Homescreen widget: add the Hangouts widget to your homescreen for quick access to your recent conversations.

- Performance improvements: today’s update includes better quality video calls, as well as improved SMS and MMS reliability.

The new version will be available in the Play store ( this week, so download or update and let us know what you think!

#hangouts #googleplusupdate 

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Wow. That's.....ERM.....well done you? You took candy a baseball from a child.

H/T +Charlotte S. Nielsen
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+Kevin Gilmartin Or give her a smack upside the head 
You'll find me at +James Lane