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All who wander... (you know the line - are not lost). All who wonder... are not dangerous heretics.
All who wander... (you know the line - are not lost). All who wonder... are not dangerous heretics.


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Locals reported monkeys and snakes fleeing from the mountain.

Emeritus Professor Richard John Arculus from the Australian National University wrote that although infrequent, eruptions of Mount Agung have been among the largest of the past 100 years of global volcanic activity.

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What is it like to be an actor hired to play a slave at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate? What kinds of things do the tourists say?

That and... Afrofuturism? Remember the sci-fi funk of Parliament - the Mothership? There's a future-forward version!

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This memorial is in a bit of an odd spot in Rookwood Cemetery; easily visible from the road. The map is of the Mullivaaykkaal, Vanni region of Sri Lanka.
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Is this artificial intelligence or just the real kind? Amazon's "these items are frequently purchased together..." I guess bomb shopping is very popular these days.

Should they just fix this and just give you the recipe? Wait - can this be real news? Someone was making a bomb and decided they had better report Amazon to the authorities? If you see something, say something.

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Hmm... I've never created a "shared" album. I suppose the most common usage would be a party that people who know each other attended.

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The Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk ends Sept 24. This was one of the more eerie sculptures... Plastic bottles with little fans created the eerie sound effects to accompany the shrink-wrapped corpse sculpture. I thought the sound was motion activated, but later realized it was probably on a timer or capacitor. I didn't have the brochure to read the artists statement.

Note the floor tile design in this old building built prior to WWII. The bone pyramid isn't very obvious due to backlight.

I'll post an album separately of some of the other works.

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When the window of opportunity arises...
This weeks "balls of steel" award goes to: the pilot of DL302, SJU-JFK.

Apparently, they took off 25 minutes ahead of time, being on the ground for not more than 52 minutes. Someone needs to buy the ground crew a beer.

Twitter story here:

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When the earthquake hit and tore through the structure, she said, she rolled down the stairs as they were collapsing. She managed to escape the building but broke her foot in the process.

A lot of other people died in that building. Mexico City.

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The earth is looking very Van Gogh-ish.
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