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James Lamb
All who wander... (you know the line - are not lost). All who wonder... are not dangerous heretics.
All who wander... (you know the line - are not lost). All who wonder... are not dangerous heretics.

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Hiked to Palona Cave yesterday. It's not so much currently a cave as a former cave. Then the land rose or the nearby creek cut deeper, the side fell off and the stalactites were exposed to sunlight and started growing moss and decaying.

I took other photos, but my phone is trying to decide whether to let me access them or eat them. I may only be able to retrieve the ones taken after I restarted my phone.

Ugh. Format card for internal storage? Looks like it's a known issue with my phone that at some point it stops recognizing the SD card. Is it the card? If it is, it doesn't prevent another device from seeing the card. I swapped out the card for one I had handy... it worked about a week and now the same problem. But this time restarting the phone worked... for an hour or so it recognized the card and started storing photos, then it was still recognizing the card but not able to store photos. Aaaand... did I lose my photos from yesterday? I suspect there could be an issue related to encryption. Or a bad section of the card screws up the ability to decrypt? Related: an app using the card for storage was somehow deleted. Another app I don't think was using the card also disappeared. Infected, bad card, encryption problem, or card-reading problem with the phone? Besides the memory issue, the phone is working fine. 

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Someone's been reading my mind. It's not just in the gas market that Australians are getting fleeced by a handful of tycoons.

“Australia is unique in its sheer stupidity in allowing companies to exploit our resources and not insist they provide for our domestic market,” he said. “We are uniquely stupid.”

“The market on the east coast is controlled by a cartel of producers and is restricting supply to the domestic market to drive up the price, and they’ve been very successful at doing this,” he said.
The idea of a shortage in #Australia - one of the largest gas exporters in the world - is an 'absurdity', according to #energy analyst Bruce Robertson of the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.The Australian Energy Market Operator warned of future power supply shortfalls, which could cause blackouts in South Australia, NSW and Victoria unless gas production is boosted and supplied to electricity generators.

It’s created the bizarre situation that sees Australian gas being sold in Japan for a wholesale price that is cheaper than the price it’s available for in Australia. This is despite the fact it costs an estimated A$3.70 a gigajoule more for the gas to be shipped there. Mr Robertson blamed state and federal governments for failing to develop a proper energy policy in Australia to avoid these problems, despite being warned as far back as 2009 that this could happen.

#Commodities #CommodityMarket #CommoditiesTrading #LNGPrices #LNGTrading #CommodityPrices #LNGProduction #LNG #LNGMarket #LNGIndustry #NaturalGasPrices #LiquefiedNaturalGas #OilandGas
The ‘absurdity’ of Australia facing a gas shortage

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I had never seen this before... apparently called processionary caterpillars.

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Coaldale waterfront
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Subtle "stains" on QuartzStone. At first we thought maybe it was oil. But after cleaning and due to location, my next guess is heat from boiled water making tea? (Electric kettle doesn't heat surface, but water spills do.) Looking up resilience, it seems the resin should be resistant to a higher temperature than 100C. Initially I thought maybe it was just local variation in the material, but it's definitely something that has become visible due to use.

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The planes are really stacked up this morning. Post-holiday? (ANZAC Day) Mike Pense left on Monday.

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Falafel bagel?

How would you describe it?

As a type of food; serviceable.

Am I expected to acclimate to this type of thing?

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Since 1 January 1962 the Australian church has been autocephalous and headed by its own primate.
I can't imagine any other mammal being in charge.
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