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Close-ups of a couple of chips from the Amazon Dash buttons.
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#sneezing #throughglass

(Glass automatically takes a picture when you wink. Also happens when I sneeze.)
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My 4 year old ran up exclaiming about how her doll has Google Glass now.

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Always sad when a board doesn't work, but good that it's not an expensive mistake. 

Keep in mind that we (OSHPark) are allowed a  0.0635 mm tolerance on finished hole size, so design the hole a bit larger than you need it to be.  You can always put in more solder, but as you discovered, if a hole is too small, there's not much you can do.

So what apps are currently available for glass, and where do I find them?

Either side loaded or mirror api are welcome. I've been wearing glass for a couple months running the stock experience, and I'm ready to play around.

I heard there was a "zoom" app that did a digital zoom on part of the video to give kind of "super vision". Anyone know where I can find that?

When sharing your glass with others, what do you demo?

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Arduino RC time! Fixing an old busted RC transmitter into a customized fpv transmitter. Board destined with fritzing, produced by oshpark.


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RC Due - An Arduino Due based board for RC vehicle control

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"TinyTimer is a timer capable of executing complex and repetitive cycles. Program with Arduino or via knob/switch. Control DC or AC"
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