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I'm not sure - maybe a little too cozy?
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Cool as hell.
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It may have been the world's best-selling computer from the 1980s, but the bulky, tan-coloured Commodore 64 has been overshadowed of late by revivals of the Sinclair Spectrum.
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Sinclair ZX Spectrum, C64, Amstrad CPC and Sinclair Quantum Leap (QL) by far my passionate memories associated with.
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I need to invest in my wardrobe.
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How much is your woofie worth? #dogs
Lola was only a mutt. But her owners want the Georgia Supreme Court to declare she wasn't worthless.
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Rare #Prince from his 26th birthday. A sad loss. I hope he's now laughing in the #purplerain

01 Strawberry Shortcake (PA) + drums check
02 17 Days
03 Our Destiny
04 Roadhouse Garden
05 Interlude
06 All Day All Night
07 Free
08 Noon Rendezvous
09 Erotic City
10 Something In the Water (Does Not Compute)
11 When Doves Cry
12 Happy Birthday interlude
13 Irresistible Bitch
14 Possessed

Total time: 1:19:59

I woke up today ready to post a birthday tribute to one of my favorite Jazz musicians, who was born this day in 1933. Trumpeter and author Ian Carr will have to wait, however, as events have once again intervened in the most ...
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#Bahai   #Iran  
The Baha’i are some of the most peaceful and accepting people around. But that hasn't stopped Iran from treating them as subhuman.
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Do not buy a console gaming system now. #Nintendo #NX #Playstation4VR #Xbox
There are no doubt people that know all about whatever the plans are for a new Xbox, a PS4 4k, or the Nintendo NX. Some are at the companies responsible, of course. Others are developers, who receive dev kits in advance to make launch titles for these systems. Others are most definitely at Gamestop, which stands to profit immensely every time there's a new round of hardware. It's from them we heard just now, more specifically, from Gamestop COO T...
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Affects sperm quality. Great, so fast food makes for wackier kids?
In a new study, researchers found higher levels of phthalates in people who eat fast food.
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That's hilarious. I love being fertile but haven't had any accidents, luckily.
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The US Department of Homeland Security is recommending you uninstall #Apple's #QuickTime. It's bloody useless anyway. #USDHS
Apple is giving up on QuickTime for Windows. If you're using the software you'll want to get rid of it as soon as possible.
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Take Lost Reavers for a spin in advance of its April 28 launch date.
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James Russell has built and repaired PCs and installed, configured, and debugged most versions of Windows from Windows 3.11 For Workgroups to Windows 8. A long-time editor and writer of technical books for various publishers, he is currently integrating social media strategy as a career focus and was recently named by as one of 101 social media experts to follow on Google+. James currently writes and edits technical articles for Web sites such as AZCentral and eHow Tech as part of his duties for Demand Media Studios, where he focuses on technical topics including Windows, Office, and Android devices. He has significant experience with the Mozilla open-source project since Mozilla's M4 milestone in 1999 (having been responsible for Mozilla .6's/Netscape 6's View > Theme menu) and has also rewritten the Linux, Windows, and Mac release notes as well as the README files for Mozilla's .6 and 1.0 versions.
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Standard McD's, locally owned. Only one downtown.
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reviewed a month ago
I hear their roast beef is mixed with essentially hot dog meat, which doesn't make me happy whatsoever. Their higher-end items are seemingly decent in quality, though. It's Arby's!
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Reasonable staff, service not fantastic -- it took 4 weeks to get my glasses because I wanted anti-glare coating and they had to send them to Spokane (?).
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
It's Taco Bell! This one has a tiny Pizza Hut menu, just small pizzas and bread sticks.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
24 reviews
Higher quality food from regular quick-service Mexican restaurants like Taco Bell, although Del Taco is far better than Taco Time. The Mexifries are tater tots. Beef burrito is awesome -- real beef. However, these guys have awful prices -- more than 2 bucks for a regular-size Coke!
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Nice to go shopping here first and get good deals, then go to the regular grocery store and get the rest. Lousy meat and produce selections and don't expect bread to last very long.
Public - 3 months ago
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Cycle takes care of my needs for the most part, and allows you to pay rent without being late up until the 5th of the month. I live in Country Estates.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago