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James Klobasa - PLM
The Experts Launch Mentor Launch your products, Launch your life, Live your dreams...
The Experts Launch Mentor Launch your products, Launch your life, Live your dreams...

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Transformation and how it can work for you…

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Do you have a short term vision, are you wondering how that's affecting your pricing and business overall...?

[3 Spots for June] $483K banked by clients in 3 months...

The 30 Day Kickstart has been so much fun to run... I've been helping participants create promo's, offers, campaigns and more...and it's been really profitable for them...

Me...well, I'm just enjoying the interactions and service.

So if working with me for 30 Days - 1:1 - full out...then hit me up today. It's $3K USD for the fun-ticket.

Let's chat. :)


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Never compete on price again...

[- 2 Premium Mentoring Spaces Open -] If your sights are set on high 6-7 figures and you haven't found the way there yet...

My Premium 1:1 Mentoring is going on 3.5yrs now and with multiple $M dollar business successes being churned out, I am looking for two more to serve in 2017.

High-Ticket, Launches, Automation, JV Partnering, Paid Traffic and much more...nothing is off topic.

This is all custom strategy work with your specific targets, skills and assets in mind.

I have a feeling these will be the last two spots available for if you've been watching, it's best you stop that and reach out, so we can chat.

I'd love to meet... :)

Serious good guys & gals only...there's plenty of fun to be had in Premium.

The Experts Mentor

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3 Key pieces to greater sales and income with awesome products...


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How I turned spaghetti success into business success…

(Need A Test Drive) I've taken a handful of guys close or beyond 6-figures in my 30 Day Kickstart since February and I'm wondering...

If you'd like to Test Drive my ability to create results...?

You never know who's reading these but, If you feel you're a few steps away yet unsure of the exact direction to go in, let me give you that plan and support...

$3K USD for full access over 30 Days.

What's my sneaky ulterior motive you ask...?

Make you enough to realise becoming a Premium 1:1 Client is a no-brainer. Simple.

I'm holding prices steady until the end on the month.

But going forward, I'll be scaling back and only allowing 3-5 Premium Clients (Guys scaling to $5M) so I can give them the support they deserve...

Let me know if you'd like the test drive... 👍

JK 😎

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Ryan - $100k+/mth - The Daily Grind by James Klobasa - PLM on #SoundCloud
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